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These are just a sample of the spells inside the book:

Love Spells

  • To obtain the love from a specific person
  • Freeze your ex
  • Bring back my lover spell
  • To attract a lover
  • To maintain unconditional love
  • To win the love
  • Release An Unwanted Love

Financial Luck Spells

  • To get money, money, money
  • A Quick Money Spell
  • To obtain money
  • Tarot spell for Home Business
  • Lucky Money
  • Money Magic
  • To Gain Money


  • To break a hex
  • House Secure Spell
  • Protection Bottle Spell

Removal of a Spell

  • To undo a Spell
  • To break the powers of a spell (against you)


  • To make Bad Luck go away
  • Spell for Health
  • Spell to Protect Pets
  • To be Irresistible
  • Spell to find a job
  • Luck in business spell
  • Attract Customers



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