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Dear Seeker,

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft

The mysteries of Traditional British Witchcraft can open the doors to a brighter future, and help bring you a better, happier life. If you are interested in becoming a real witch, then in this Course you will learn how to become a Trad Witch from the time-honored concepts and practices of The Old Craft of the British Isles. This is the real thing, the genuine principles, beliefs, and practices of The Old Elder Ways from ages past.

Now you will be able to learn the same old secrets the Wise Folk knew and cherished, and incidentally, you need not be British or Irish or Celtic to become a seeker and become a fully qualified practitioner of witchcraft.

We all have the powers of energy at our fingertips; in fact, it is all around us. We will reveal to you the techniques and means to access and control this energy so you can apply it. With practice your magical ability can flourish and grow.

With this vibrant energy you will gain the ability to:

big checkmarkGet Control and Direction Over Your Life.

big checkmarkLiberate Yourself From The Problems and Limitations That Hold You Back.

big checkmarkBring Meaning into Your Life.

big checkmarkMake Life Easier, Happier, and Fun.

big checkmarkEnjoy The Magical Life and all it has to offer.

The Magical Secrets Of The "Old Elder Ways" Will Be Revealed To You,
As They Were Once Revealed To Me!

A True Personal Story:
My name is Adrian Eglinton. I am a Trad Witch in The Traditional Craft (witchcraft), which is Traditional British Witchcraft. I have been a student and a practitioner for the last 28 years. I came to know how the use the Traditional Magical Arts and it changed my world and my life for the better.

You see, I had discovered the World of Magic when I lived in London, England, 28 years ago. I went to England to further my education. However, soon after I arrived, circumstances saw to it that I meet some very special and gifted people. In fact, they were witches and they guided me along mysterious path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment that proved to be far stronger than I could have ever imagined.

I remember the day I met the first one. This "psychic" had come to the student dinning hall and she was speaking to a small crowd of students. An odd event, I thought, as only students normally used the hall. Well, I wasn't very much interested, I had come for a quick early dinner.

Then after ten minutes or so I heard her as she raised her voice and said, "He is", and all the students turned around and looked at me across the room. I had been enjoying my meal.

I knew all what she had said to the group even though I only heard those two words; she picked me out as an "undeveloped psychic." She had spoken of "the powers" and someone had asked her if anyone present was "gifted." I was embarrassed and annoyed. But I was also interested, so when most of the students left I went over to her and she told me of my path into things to come.

That experience had quite an effect on me. I came to know others in London they helped me to begin my spiritual awakening and to study of the Traditional Craft. It was a new world I had unintentionally discovered. However, as the door had been opened by a hair for me, I eagerly completely opened it and walked through the door to begin my spiritual journey.

We will do that for you, without moving to London.

Have You Ever Heard The Phone Ring And You Knew Who It Was Before You Answered?

  Of course you have!! 

You would not have been guided here if you did not have some "gift" of awareness. Well, the instant you were aware of the caller, you were connected to the energy of the inner power of Nature that makes all magic possible.

Now Imagine if you knew how to control this power!

You could do so much, like:

big checkmarkBuild Up Your Self-Confidence and sparkle with the self-assurance that makes everyone feel very comfortable around you.

big checkmarkHeal Yourself and Family and become more healthy and feel more "alive."

big checkmarkUtilize Energy for Self-Protection, to Protect Your Family and Your Home.

big checkmarkAttract the Money You Need so you can leave money problems behind.

big checkmarkIncrease Your Personal Appeal and attract people to you.

big checkmarkLocate Somebody Very Special to Love.

big checkmarkReduce Weight, Stop Smoking, do what needs to be done to become more healthy and fit.

big checkmarkYou will discover the "Magical Life" and find new purpose and meaning in daily life.

Anyone Can Learn to Control Magic And Change Their Life!

The truth is, you can control the power of The Old Magical Arts if you want to learn the old techniques, and practice them so you can properly master them.

This power or energy is accessible by you, because it is already in you and around you. We are all born with this energy but few learn how to access it and use it. However, you only need to learn how to access it and control it to make it work for you. This is what we will teach you.

As seekers have always learned, you can utilize this Power and do Magic when and where you wish! Magic improves life! In fact, nothing is as important in improving our lives in so many ways. It adds meaning to so many aspects of life; it is “a gift from the gods.”

"I am so excited about the possibilities of the truly traditional Witchcraft now that I am bringing them into my life.

"I was learning to become a Wiccan; unfortunately, I felt somehow disappointed. However, now that I'm studying the Trad Craft, I must say that it certainly is more natural, and logical. It's more than I had hoped.

"With my appreciation,"
Suffolk, England

Trad Witchcraft is unique because it will furnish you with a true Earth-based spiritual awakening as well as the lessening of daily worries and problems. It's not that witches are without problems, but magic allows a highly effective means of dealing with problems.

There are those that oppose what we teach:

  • Some Wiccans regard us with alarm because we teach the real traditions of the real Traditional British Witchcraft; but even worse, many newbies like what we teach better than what Wicca teaches.

  • Some Traditional Witches regard us with contempt because they think we reveal too much. They would rather keep British Witchcraft a total secret, or at least allow it to be taught only to a few highly selected "seekers" lucky enough to find a witch for 24/7 personal mentoring.

We think they are all wrong. It's our opinion that Trad Witchcraft should be made available to those who want to learn it. Far too many people want to become seekers to Traditional British Witchcraft than there are witches available to mentor them. Frankly, it's more like a flood of people wanting information.

We have created this Course as an answer to this need. And we are making it available on the Internet. This is truly revolutionary!   Introducing

"The Journey to Trad Witchcraft"  eBook Course

Learn The Mystical Secrets of Traditional Magic and Discover How To UnLock Your Inner Power  That We All Have Available In Us

You will learn to use The Old Elder Ways to control magical energies correctly. You will learn how to create a life filled with love, wealth, friendship, protection, and happiness!

In This Course You Will:

big checkmarkLearn to cast powerful spells the right way -- the old way.

big checkmarkConnect with The Energies of Nature to increase your energy and create powerful, successful spells using a simple, effective technique we will teach you.

big checkmarkUse magic for self-protection and to protect your loved ones.

big checkmarkGain self-confidence to become more outgoing and win the confidence of others.

big checkmarkLearn to use Magic to Attract More Income.

big checkmarkLearn to Heal Yourself, Family, Friends, and others from many conditions.

big checkmarkAttract people to you by allowing them to see your special qualities and make new friends that appreciate you.

big checkmarkAttract someone to love and adore you.

big checkmarkLearn to communicate with your Spirit Guide (we each have at least one) and other friendly spirits such as relatives and friends from previous lives. This is a strong resource there for the asking!

big checkmarkLearn to see the past and the future by the magical power of Scrying and Lucid Dreaming.

big checkmarkLearn to use an Incredible Technique in which you visualize a solution to a problem, and the problem may go away. This works, if you know the secret.

big checkmarkLearn to Write Your Own Magic Spells and Rituals. Step-by-step I tell You How To Do It, so You can become an "Independent Wordcrafter" in your own right!

big checkmarkDiscover the true meaning and real purpose in your life!

big checkmarkUse this sacred knowledge to lead The Magical Life and fulfill your most intimate desires.

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It Does Not Matter Even If You Are An Absolute Beginner!

In fact, if you are a beginner in witchcraft and magic, you have a big advantage, you won't have to unlearn bad information and habits you picked up from other places.

"Now I realize what you mean about unlearning bad information and bad habits. I started your course after I had been studying Wicca in a coven for about a year. I hadn't realized how much I picked up that is really useless. Although I should have known it because my spells never worked. Now I know why.

"The group I was with taught nothing about preparing the SELF for magic. But they spent hours making sure they had the right colored altar cover, the right colored candles, and always a long list of other props that they insisted we HAD to get before any magic could begin.

"But now I know it is the SELF that needs preparation, the rest of it doesn't matter too much.

"Thank you for all of your help"

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Already Have Training In Magic, But Unhappy With Your Results?

We'll teach you More Effective Techniques so you can become a successful Trad Magic practitioner. Many people complain that other approaches to magic are not effective. But with the new techniques you will learn in The Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course, you will gain more power and experience much better results.

If you are like other witches, you are always interested in what master spellcrafters have to say about magical techniques. Maybe you just aren't getting the results you want. Or, perhaps you don't know what you are doing wrong. Or perhaps you just don't know what to do next.

While Traditional Witches do keep their spells private, technique can certainly be taught. After all, technique that is the most important part, isn't it? Anyone can write a spell, the knowledge on how to implement the right technique, and do it correctly is another thing.

Well, The Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course will show you step-by-step the most effective techniques in spell wordcrafting.

Complete beginners and those with experience alike will learn all aspects of witchcraft.

You Will Learn...

big checkmarkThe first and most important thing every seeker should do before working magic.

big checkmarkHow you can tell if a spell will not work.

big checkmarkHow to communicate and receive help to improve your magic from friendly spirits.

big checkmarkHow you can use the power of magic for self-improvement, and even self-transformation.

big checkmarkLearn how to control the Three Things that all successful spells have. (One of these is known only to a few, yet it's the biggest reason why spells fail).

big checkmarkHow can you protect yourself against any curse from anyone.

big checkmarkHow to see the future using the magic of Scrying.

big checkmarkHow a simple and effective technique can increase your connection with the Power of Magic, increase your energy, and enhance your sense of well-bring. This is the Magic Tonic for successful spells!

big checkmarkHow a Compass Round (or circle) can increase the potency of spellwork for beginners.

big checkmarkLearn to apply the amazing power of Healing Magic to heal yourself, your family, and your friends.

big checkmarkHow with magic, if you can visualize a solution to a problem, you can “will” the problem away. And why this can work (if you learn the secret).

big checkmarkWhy you should have a dedication ritual. (See our step-by-step sample ritual only in the Rituals section in the Course.)

big checkmarkWhy magic is such a wonderful blessing of Nature.

Warning: There is a Lot of Poor Information on Magic and Witchcraft Available on the Internet.

Sure, you can find some information that is good, if you know how to separate the good from the nonsense. So, please be very careful what you read. We especially object to the completely useless “spells” and other baloney some so-called "witches" want you to believe are real. Of course, they will give you half-true information and incomplete instructions, then they'll bill your credit card every month.

Many only contain the same information you can find free at your public library or online on the Internet. It seems as if this information was written by people who never practiced magic! One thing they omit is that its how you prepare yourself that is the real key. It doesn't matter so much what color the candles are, or what stones or feathers you have. But it matters a very great deal how you prepare yourself, if you want to be successful.

In our Course we explain in detail how to prepare yourself for magic.

We also show you how you do magic so that it is safe for everyone involved. Few will give you this information. A Spell Backfire is nasty and can usually be prevented.

By Learning Real Traditional Magic You Can Ensure Your Magic Will Be Potent

big checkmarkWe will show you exactly how to use energy power correctly and powerfully.

big checkmarkYou will learn to perform miracles that will transform yourself and your life.

big checkmarkYou will no longer waste your time and money on poor-quality information.

big checkmarkOnce you realize the value of what you have learned, you will know it can bring wonderful things into your life.

big checkmarkFor example, many use magic to attract other people to them. You too will be able to attract people to you, for friendship or to attract that perfect “someone” into your life?

big checkmarkAdrian, your teacher, really cares about your success.

Learn to Attract People To You For Friendship, And For Love

We are not talking about one of those “Love Spells” you can find all over the Internet to zap a attractive lover to your front door. Such spells are worthless. But with the correct use of magic, you will be able to attract people to you including someone to share your life with, someone to love.

Create A Shield Of Protection Around Your And Your Family

Learn to apply the Forces of Magic to create a Shield of Protection around yourself, your home, and members of your family. This means you will be able to apply Magic as a means to safeguard you, your home, and your family.

"I must admit that I am very pleased with the results I have been able to achieve so far. It is as if Magic descended to my house and has brought with it protection for me and improvement in my life in a number of key areas. This cannot be coincidence.

"May the gods bless you."

Springfield, Missouri, USA


The Forces of Magic Can Resolve Your Money Problems By Encouraging Positive Energies to Attract Prosperity

Trad Witchcraft is a spiritual path that is geared toward creating a new world for you to live in. There are techniques that you will learn that are directed toward self-improvement. The techniques that you will learn do not stand alone. You will see they are one whole package that brings about the ability for you to resolve any money problems you may have and set you on a course that will make you free of financial worries.

See what Steve from Houston said:

"You were right. Now I know that my money problems (which were considerable) are really connected to every other aspect of my life. With magic comes change. And it's that change that has saved me. I Thank You."

Houston, Texas, USA


It all has to do with the use of energy in the techniques of The Magical Arts, the techniques you will learn that will unlock your inner energies. These energies will influence every aspects of your life. In The Journey To Trad Witchcraft Course you will learn these mysterious techniques!

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"Thanks. The Journey to Trad Witchcraft has given me a completely different view of witchcraft. I think the insights you give in your Course make a huge difference in looking at witchcraft as a logical personal path.

"I think it will help a lot of people like me."

Boise, Idaho USA

But Don't Some Say, "Magic is Evil?"

Magic is not evil. Magic is part of Nature and is beneficial and helpful in so many ways. With witchcraft in England, magic has helped many people with financial problems, health problems, personal protection, and many other things. It is a major motivator for self-improvement and self-development of the body, mind, and spirit.

Traditional Witches do not believe in "evil", "Satan", or the "Devil" in any manner. They do not exist. We believe that people do evil.

The Forces of Energy used in Trad Witchcraft and Traditional Magic are drawn from “nature,” they are the natural energy of the Universe. This energy is pure energy, it is not evil, it is a blessing of the gods or of God.

You have most likely had the opportunity to feel this pure energy. Have you ever been in a forest, or high in the mountains, away a populated area? And have you stood there, take a deep breath and felt a sense of awe at the magnificence you were seeing?

At that moment you, that sublime sense of wonder is a “magical moment”, the beautiful experience of total peace. These are moments of the Earth's magical energy. And it feels absolutely wonderful!

This energy can be used to do good or to do harm. The choice is ours. When you become in touch with the energies in magic, you will be in touch with powers that other people don’t realize exist. This can create fear. But knowing the secrets of magic washes away any fear and brings advantages and beauty into your life.


"Since I started to use magic as you teach in your Course, I have had some remarkable things happen to me and my family.

"My husband has been out of work for months. I used the techniques in the course including a spell on a Full Moon and he found a very good job within only one week.

"The energies directed in magic do have a positive effect and do encourage things to happen. It's remarkable!"

Atlanta, GA, USA


Magic Is Amazing

But, there are lots of myths that people have made that are Not true. Here are the 3 biggest myths...

3 Biggest Myths About Magic:

Myth 1: You need to be “psychic” to do real magic.

The Reality: That is not true. Anyone can do high-quality magic with proper training! It is “knowledge” that is the prime factor, and it is the Trad Crafter's (the witch's) “will power” that powers the spell. That will power is spiritual energy that is within all of us. It is this energy that powers spells. Psychic ability is a factor, but it's not necessary.

Myth 2: A person who is seriously interested in magic lives on empty hopes and promises.

The Reality: A person who is seriously interested in magic is a visionary and the ultimate realist. Magic exists within Nature and works only within the Laws of Physics. Our world is only a thin shell that covers a core of absolute energy. This energy is in every human, animal, place, and thing.

Myth 3: A person who is seriously interested in magic must be a Satanist who worships the Devil.

The Reality: This is total nonsense. Satan is a Jewish-Christian concept that is completely alien to British Witchcraft. In other words, we don't believe in Satan. He does not exist.

To Discover Magic Is To Discover Yourself In A New Exciting Way

Magic will change your life, enabling you to undergo profound personal change and transformation. You will learn to tap into the energy that is in you and cast effective magical spells. You have this power within you Right Now, but you are not using it.

All you need is for us to show you how to unlock the secrets of controlling this energy so you can create magic to the fullest.

Are You Satisfied With Your Life?  If Not, Learn To Tap Into The Energy Around You And Change Your Life…

I have put my 28 years of Trad Witchcraft study, practice, and experience into this Course. We collected it all together so you can easily read this wonderful information and clearly understand the practices of Trad Witchcraft and the principles you must grasp in order for you to master magic.

This Course is Unique...

This is not Wicca! This is Traditional Witchcraft which pre-dates Wicca by a hundreds of years or longer. This is the only Course on Traditional British Witchcraft Available, so its the only Course that contains the time-honoured practices and customs of old English witchcraft. That can't be found anyplace else.

Don't you owe it to yourself to invest in the REAL thing for your magical future? Order Now and you are just a seconds minutes away from receiving the entire Course eBook text. Your order will be processed on ClickBank's Secure Server.

"Your Course has really helped me... The Trad Craft just fits right. Getting it is the best thing I have done."


Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Course Contents:

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course has 149 pages of detailed information and instructions about every aspect of Traditional British Witchcraft. This includes a clickable Table of Contents. This will allow you to locate every section quickly and easily. We have also added a detailed Index.

This Course contains

Course contents


A full introductory orientation that includes...
  • First Things to Do - Things you can start doing today!
Course contents

Chapter One ~ Traditionalist Concepts

The core beliefs, principles, and essence of Traditional British Witchcraft:
  • Naturalistic Spirituality
  • The God & Goddess
  • The Spirits
    • After Life in Earth
    • Spirits & Ghosts
    • The Directionals
  • The OtherSide
  • Balance
  • Fate  
  • Cunning Fire
  • The Familiar
Course contents

Chapter Two ~ Going Within

This is the power of meditation techniques and visualization:
  • Introduction
  • Meditation Techniques:
    • Breathing Exercise
    • Confidence Meditative Ritual
    • Glowing Ball Meditation
    • Spirit Guide Meditation
    • Candle Meditation
    • Connect With the Universe
  • Visualization:
    • Visualization Practice Exercises
    • Self-Improvement Visualization Technique
Course contents

Chapter Three ~ Sabbats, Full Moons, Esbats, & Festivals:

I tell you about these terms and celebrations, and how they fit into Traditional British Witchcraft:
  • The Full Moons - Sabbat celebrations for singles, couples, and families. Plus, a talk about including children and teens in ritual.
  • The Festivals - How to observe
  • List of festivals - The most common festivals are inividually listed and discussed.
Course contents

Chapter Four ~ Ritual Tools:

  • Introduction
  • Tools individually listed and discussed
  • How to Make a Wand, Staff or Stang - Including detailed discussion of the various sacred trees of Britain.
Course contents

Chapter Five ~ Rituals:

  • Introduction - Review of various aspects of our tradition, including ritual consciousness and daily ritual.
  • The Rituals:
    • Doing Rituals
    • Purification Ritual
    • The Compass Round: Introduction & Outline
    • The Glowing Ball
    • Tool Cleansing & Saining (Consecration) Ritual
    • Use of the Dagger & Wand in Ritual
    • Laying a Compass Round
    • Ale & Bread Ritual
    • Closing the Compass Round
    • Libations to the Gods
Course contents

Chapter Six ~ Magic:

  • Introducation - Including the names of magic
  • The Premise of Magic - Including Factors
  • Spellcraft - The Procedures
  • The Wordcraft of Spells - Inlcuding Rhythm and Rhyme
  • The Timing of Spells - Including the Moon Cycle, Days of the Week, and Time of Day
  • Spell Tarot Cards Spreads - You should do one of these two spreads every time you want to do a spell
  • Spell Casting Preparation
  • A Spell Working (casting) - In Step-by-Step detail, I show you how to do it and why! Includes a detailed spell template
  • Curse Elimination
  • Beating the Bounds
  • Home Purification & Blessing Ritual
  • Talismans & Amulets - includes Cleansing Methods, Charging, Re-Cleansing / Re-Charging, and General Care
Course contents

Chapter Seven ~ Divination:

  • Introduction - An orientation and the logical way to start development of your natural gift.
  • Tarot - a brief intro
  • Scrying: - Truly ancient means that are used commonly and efficiently today, these are "how to" instruction guides:
    • Water Scrying
    • Candle Scrying
    • Black Mirror Scrying
    • Interpretation of Images - Orientation
  • How to Make a Scry Mirror - It's simple
Course contents

Chapter Eight ~ Self-Dedication

  • Introduction - Including a brief history, modern practicality, timing, and a talk about locations.
  • Preparation - A list of what you will need.
  • On the Day of the Ritual - Suggestions...
  • The Ritual - A sample ritual you can use as a guide.
Course contents

Chapter Nine ~ Lexicon of Old Crafter Terms

This is a supplement of additional terms. The main glossary, Glossary of Witchcraft Terms, is located on the Blue Moon Manor website.
Course contents

Chapter Ten ~ Final Thoughts

I have a few things to say about living The Magical life in today's world.
Course contents


A  detailed Index to help you locate every section quickly and easily.

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This book reminds the reader of the mysterious and romantic lands inhabited by the gods and heroes - the ancient gods of the ancient peoples of the British Isles are fully explored and explained.

The works of Charles Squire are essential reading for anyone interested in Celtic mythology. Written "in a very entertaining manner", this book remains 'required reading'. Now hold on to your hats for…

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I'm also going to give you the rare full-length 473-page book, Mind-power: The Secret of Mental Magic By William Walker Atkinson, published in Chicago (USA) in 1912, in PDF eBook format, when you buy the Course.

From one of the most important and influential fathers of the late 18th - early 19th century New Thought Movement, this book is typical of the way Atkinson has helped so many people understand the mysteries of the mind and our ability to utilize it to its fullest potential. An excellent book for anyone looking to maximize their thinking and mental faculties.

For all lovers of the metaphysical. But beware, for he is no joke. It is fascinating but perhaps especially the topics of: Mental Magic in Human Life, Glimpse into the Occult World, and Self-protection. This book had to be mind blowing in 1912, and it still is.

smile Reason To Smile #4 • A Third FREE Bonus Classic eBook!

The full-length 236 page book, The Mysteries of Astrology, and the Wonders of Magic By Charles W. Roback, originally published in Boston in 1854. Yes, that is not a mistake, it was published in 1854 ! This is in PDF eBook format, and it is yours when you buy the Course.

This is a totally fascinating book. The author, Charles Roback, an astrologer and occultist, wrote a rather astonishing short autobiography at the beginning of the book. Then the rest of the book goes on to "throw some light upon the phenomena of Occult Science and its kindred mysteries", especially astrology, geomancy, and palmistry.

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Guarantee Seal

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course has a 100% Risk-Free, Two-Full-Month Money-Back Guarantee!

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We don't want you to be unhappy with our Course. Adrian is an authority on Trad Witchcraft and he has poured everything a seeker must know into this Course. We think you'll Love It. But if not, just ask for a full refund. You have two full months to see if Magic brings miracles into your life.

So, try the Course NOW and decide later if you want to keep it.

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"I was paying monthly for small portions of information from a "Magic School." I felt I was getting nowhere.

"With your Course I receive it all at one time and at a far cheaper price.

"...the quality of your information is much higher, it is logical and better presented... I thank you."

Richmond, Virginia USA


Just imagine how things will be once you have gone through my Course and you have mastered the magic of Trad Witchcraft...

How your confidence will soar when you suddenly realize that the spells you have been casting are working, and your dreams are coming true - one by one.

Other people will start to see your inner confidence, and the true happiness that comes into your life. They will begin to realize that YOU are creating these miracles, with Magic!

People will be drawn to you when they start to see how special your powers are. They may even begin to come to you for help with their own lives...

"I can't believe I have finally found a real traditional Witch that is willing to share the secrets of the [Trad] Craft. You are unusual and I am very appreciative. I have been searching so long for someone to guide me. May you be blessed by the God and Goddess."

Bakersfield, California USA

Thank you for visiting here today. We can't wait to give you immediately access the Course and 3 Free Full-Length Classic Books! You will see for yourself how powerful the Magic inside of you really is!

With my regards for your new magical future,
Adrian Eglinton

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P.P.P.P.S. This opportunity is exciting because magic will change your life forever, just as it has for me and for so many seekers throughout the ages. And it does NOT matter if you are a complete newbie. We will show you the magical way.


"...your Course showed how to "get into" the mindset of the Witch doing magic, the how's and why's. I feel like you are a genuine in what you believe ...and I trust you."

College Station, Texas, USA


"I would like to thank you for your publications and courses... Your writings are a true inspiration."

Makati, Philippines


"I can't tell you how important Trad Witchcraft has become for me. It has changed my life. I finally feel fully alive, well, and happy. Thank you so very much."

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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