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Hush-hush, the cutting-edge Witchcraft secrets the jealous few who know, pray you'll never discover...

"The Astonishing Underground Secrets Of The Magickal World's Most Respected Witches, Revealed!"

Warning!  Read No Further If You Are Opposed to Controversial Information Not Meant For The Squeamish or Faint of Heart  or Anyone Under 18 Years. 


From: Arabella Jolie,    

Dear Friends,

     This website is causing a complete and furious UPROAR - forcing us to go further underground.

     Why?  The threats keep rolling in....email after email warning me to shut this site down - somehow they have even dug-up my phone number.  It's outrageous! 

     Just short of death threats, these people are livid...and they do NOT want you to get your hands on what I'm about to expose....and that's why you need to act fast - this may be your only change to gain access to this treasure-trove of underground secrets.

But I Refuse To Back Down...Their Threats Scare Me Little More Than A Preschooler's Hissy Fit...And I Insist You Have Access To These Secrets...

     Hello...my name's Arabella Jolie and I'm a white witch.  I'm writing you to let you know that my mentor and I created a very special, unique program called the "Underground Guide to Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets".  This guide is unlike anything ever published before...mainly because my mentor, High Priestess Serenity, is the most honorable and powerful witch I have ever met.  She is truly a blessing in my life.

     Along with our other brother and sister witches we're revealing the secrets that no one has as yet dared to make public.

     Why? Because we don't want you kept in the dark any longer.  We're tired of it!

And They're As Mad As Hell

     For too long you've only been given part of the story about witchcraft.  You've been made to think you're being given the best spells that would work.  You're deliberately left uncertain as to whether you're practicing witchcraft correctly.  Or made to question if you're able to become a witch to begin with.

     The mystery and secrecy around witchcraft was designed to keep you out!

     Which is crap!!

There Will Always Be Mystery & Secrecy

    Which you can be a part of.  Not kept on the outside.  Uncertain, ill informed and unhappy.

     If things haven't being going the way you want to in your life.  If you don't have the love you desire.  Or have been left heart broken.  If your finances are a shambles, the debt mounts up, you hate you job and some of the people around you blow.....
It's NOT Your Fault!

     You haven't been shown how to use witchcraft to create the life you desire.  How to create the perfect results you want.  Love.  Money.  Health. Safety.  Everything.

     It fact only having part of the answer can make you do even worse!


Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Witchcraft...and why you shouldn't even think about practicing the craft until you read every word of this!

stems from your beliefs.  If you don't believe magick can happen - it wont.  When you believe in what you are doing, can see it as your reality and then combine that with a powerful spell, it will happen!

You just don't go out there and wave a real or imaginary wand and it all happens.  You don't just say words and expect a chariot to draw up outside your house and have it handed to you on a silver platter.  You have to focus on what is is you want, imagining that you have it already.

Witchcraft is not about imposing your will onto others.  It is certainly about influencing the energies to bring you what you desire - not at the expense of another's free will or knowingly causing another harm.  When you practice witchcraft you are to come from a place of positive intent.


     Plain and simple up until now you have not been given the FULL answers!

     And you know what?

       A Lot Of Other Witches Out There Don't Like Me

     The reason why, is I'm prepared to share with you exactly what it is you need to know in order to cast spells that work, and be a bona fide witch!

     I'm 100% committed to witchcraft, and to seeing others benefit, as I have, from asserting your own magickal powers.  Witchcraft truly transforms your life for the better...it did mine.

     Yet so much that is out there at the moment is absolute hocus pocus crap that's preying on your fears and needs.  Rather than helping you overcome the obstacles you're facing so you can enjoy the life you deserve to live.

     Witchcraft is more prevelent in our day to day lives than most of you would realize. Magick, when you are exposed to the real deal, is lightening fast in its power of manifesting what you want.  

              How do I know this? Because It Works

     It doesn't take weeks or years of boring reading and study.  And you don't have to be anointed by a learned other.  Or born a particular way (in fact we are ALL born with magick in our veins).   Or hope to be a 'chosen one'.

    There is no need to don a black pointed hat, ride a broomstick, or dance under the moonlight naked (unless you want to :-) ).

     Anyone can be a witch and practice magick - the key is to know the BEST way to do this.

     And you don't have to find a coven to do this.  You can practice alone and still achieve powerful results.....when you know how to, you will have super-fast success that will blow your mind.

      In fact, if you can spare 3 hours, 42 minutes and 13 seconds of your time, I'll prove to you how well this works with the help of some of the world's most respected and (until now) undercover witches. 

Why 3 hours, 42 minutes and 13 seconds?

      Because that is how long our 'Underground Guide To Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets' Audio CD Course is (complete with comprehensive workbooks!).  And when you listen to it, you'll be BLOWN AWAY with how easy it is to practice witchcraft and have success with your spells.

      Here's just some of what you'll discover.....

  • The top 5 mistakes people make when casting a spell....and how to ensure you're not one of those people any longer

  • The number one thing you need to do in order to make your spell work....and how ridiculously easy it is to do this.

  • The simple "spell casting" method that ensures that you can successfully cast a spell whenever you want, wherever you are - without fail.

  • What witchcraft really is and means and how easy it is for you to practice real magick.

  • The never before revealed secret on how to use tools to enhance your magickal powers.

        This Undergound Witchcraft Course is guaranteed to remove any fear or doubt you might have about witchcraft, magick and spell casting...as soon as you follow this Underground Witchcraft Course, you will achieve success.

     I know that's a bold promise, and it might sound a little "over the top".....but its true, and I can back up my every word.

In Fact, Here's PROOF That This Works!

     I love hearing stories from people who have practiced magick and got the results they want.

     Here are a few of them:

Hi Arabella
I thought witchcraft was just for people that were 'gifted' and how wrong I was! I have done a number of spells and they have worked!
Thank you, I love hearing from you and the magic world.
Natalie, CA, USA
Dear Arabella,
I can't believe how easy it is to practice the craft. I cast a love spell and in two days he begged me to come back to him and now we are very happy together.  THANK YOU!
Casey, GA, USA
Hi Arabella.
It works!  I got the job I was after.  I cast a 'job interview success' spell as well as preparing thoroughly for the interview myself. And they loved me.

Gary, GB

Dear Arabella,
"I was in a very unhappy state, the man I loved deeply, and I thought loved me back, was taking me for a ride big time.  And my debts just seemed to be getting out of control.I saw 'experts' to seek some help. Yet I was still feeling heart broken (and angry) and my debt was still growing.I think because my focus was so much on what was wrong in my life, it made the problems continue to grow worse.
I was so thankful that you exposed me to what I know you are planning to launch to our community.  This information alone is
what has literally turned things around for me.  I know it seems like a huge call to make - but its true!

The results were amazing. I saw that I had to work actively on my focus myself, I had to BELIEVE in the spells, that they would work, and I had to come from an open heart (I tell you this part was not easy - yet I knew I had to do something different!)

The spells themselves were easy to implement - I chose ones that felt right to me from that incredible spell book you have created with the help of your underground allies.

I also understood for the first time what witchcraft and wicca are about (they are two different things) and that anyone can practice witchcraft and its a positive thing. And well - the spells worked!  And quickly - it blew me away. I believed in them all right, I knew they would work, I just didn't know how quickly!

I landed a contract job within hours of casting the prosperity spell: this is going to slice a huge portion out of my debt
immediately.  And I seem to be attracting men left right and centre who are treating me like a princess, thanks to the love spell I chose. So thank you Arabella, I do hope you make this available to the rest of our community soon!

Sarah Marie Damon, Fl, USA
If Magick Happens For These People,
It Will Happen For You


     The bottom line is this:  You'll Be Mesmerized By This Powerful Underground Witchcraft Course, Or I'll Refund 100% Of Your Money....

     There are 1,627 people in line already to buy this course and unlease their magickal potential, and I can not and will not make it available to just anyone.  

     So whilst the Elders are fighting to remove this site (and they are extraordinarily powerful) from existence, for what I believe are the wrong reasons (keeping you in the dark from what magick you can really do).

     I too may limit the number of people we let into our fold, simply because I don't want this falling into the wrong, or uncaring hands.

     You see:

  • If you've practiced magick before with no luck, you'll finally find out how to make it work for you.

  • If you've paid for books before in the past and still had no joy, then this is for you.

  • If you're thinking about some specific things you want to be different in your life and you want it to happen quickly, this is for you.

        In our Underground Witchcraft course you'll find out the never before revealed fundamentals of witchcraft to make your magick work for you.  There is a simple step-by-step approach on how to become a witch and practice magick.

     This formula has never before when revealed so candidly.  As it shows you just how easy and accessible witchcraft and magick is to someone just like you. 

Magick Happens Fast, You Reap The Rewards From Your Efforts!

     It is not difficult.  It does not require any special 'hocus pocus' powers.  Anyone can use this course.  Anyone who follows the process in this course will be successful.

     See, what most people don't realise is that you already have all the necessary attributes to make magick happen for you.  And that you or anyone can become a witch and we'll show you just how easy & enjoyable that is.


     They have been 'sent' by the Elders to play with your mind (I kid you not!)

     You need to know that you already have what it takes to be accepted as a witch, and to cast spells successfully.  And that when you tap into this hidden gold mine, you'll see drastic positive results happen in a blink of the eye, to the point that you'll need to sit down and catch your breath.

      This course makes it super-easy to have the life you want; to find love, money, health, harmony, protection, you name it....

     Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

The Little Known Secret of Conjuring With Color (so you consciously use the power of  the energy of different colors enhancing the effectiveness of your spellworking!).
The Jewels Of Wisdom spells to immediately lift your spirits and the spirits of others around you.
Discover the Best Way Bring The Love You Want Into Your Life, a delicious spell that weaves magick that brings you what you ask for 
The Power Of The Lodestone (magnetically attracting love, wealth & happiness into your life).
Potent Talisman Of Love Revealed.....(no longer spend those quiet nights or holiday periods on your own).
Literally Watch Money Appear In Your Wallet with a powerful money drawing spell, so you never again have to worry about having enough cash on hand .
We Share Aphrodite's Beauty Spell...whilst true beauty is only skin deep this spell will have you looking stunning on the inside and out.
Handle Any Pesky In Laws (worry no longer about your mother in law dominating your life, this spell will turn them into your biggest fan that leaves you alone)
Need A Loan? With this spell it is amazing how your wish is granted.
Ignite Your Power With Candle Magick. (the power of a lit candle enhances many a spell, learn how and when to use candle magick)
Have Your Dream Job Fall In Your Lap,  we show you the most powerful spells to have them knocking on your door begging you to work for them.
Discover The Essential Laws Of Spell Casting, so you know that what you are doing will work
Know Once and For All How The Difference Between Wicca and Witchcraft, so you decide how far you want to take your magickal practice!
Now You Can Confidently Practice Magick With Little Or No Previous Experience By Learning The Key Steps To Practicing Witchcraft (this will delight, entice, inspire and empower you - you will be unstoppable!)
Finally THE Complete Guide To Witchcraft Tell All (ALL your questions will be answered in a comprehensive and friendly manner).
Over 150 Spells That Touch On 17 Different Aspects Of Life As We Know It this is the creme de la crop of spells that we have prised from our favorite witches so you can enjoy the same successes they do.
Come Back To Me Lover Spell there will be no time for tears as they are beating down your door to fall into your arms
And if All That Doesn't Have You Enjoying A New Level Of Happiness.............
The TOP 20 Love & Romance Spells.  Love will definitely be in the air when you begin casting your favorites from these.
Types Of Magick Magick is everywhere in many forms - we share with you the wonderful array of ways to practice the craft so you can decide the best fit for you (all are accessible, fun and infinitely powerful)!
You Are A Born Healer  learn how to heal yourself and others with some potent and compassionate healing spells!
Be Reborn Under A Lucky Star (your run of bad luck will end for good as you weave magick with some crafted Luck Spells).
Cupid Shoots His Arrow so your romantic desires are realized - be that love coming, returning, or becoming a long term commitment or marriage.
Stay Faithful Spell be hurt no longer as your partner returns to the nest with eyes only for you.
Feed Your Soul And Enhance Your Power With The Foods You Eat (learn how you can turn up the dial of your powers by the foods you eat!)
Discover The Essentials To Witchcraft (this is where you have only been told part of the story in the past - and it is what every witch must know to fully realize their power.)
You Will Be Amazed At What Tools Work Best For Practicing Magick  this is not what you might be expecting (and we will show you exactly how you can practice magick at the drop of the hat evne if you do not have your tools with you!)
Protect Yourself From Any Harm Or The Evil Eye how to banish negative influences in your life and pulverize any hexs.  So you, your loved ones, your health, wealth, heart & home are protected from any wrong doings.
Hear Comes The Bride (nifty spells to have that long overdue proposal happen and the church bells ring in celebration)
'But I Wanna Divorce!' spells that manage ALL aspects of the final stages of a relationship so that you come out unscathed and optimistic
Understand The Magick Of The Wiccan Religion (your questions are answered honestly and candidly)
Negativity Begone, Harmony & Peace Reside charming and effective spells so that you can enjoy life without always having to juggle a full plate of problems.
Stomp Debt Out Of Your Life For Good, (we share some of the most potent spells on the planet so you can enjoy the thrill of seeing cash continually come charging into your life)
And So So So much more......

     And that's not nearly all.

     You'll discover much more in this rare and candid underground course.

     And what's really great is that

You Can Be Absorbing These Amazing Underground Secrets In the Next 30 Seconds!

     You can order this incredible course right now and actually start discovering Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets within 30 seconds....yes, that is right..WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be soaking up the contents of this never before revealed course and transform yourself into the powerful magickal practioner you were born to be.

     That's because I've taken the entire course (recorded in high definition audio) and made it so it will play right over your computer speakers.  With the accompanying work books downloading immediately onto your desk-top, so you can use to take notes in.

The "Underground Guide To Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets" Audio CD course comprises of 5 downloadable audio segments (totalling over 3 hours 42 minutes) of never before revealed information that the world's most respected witches have finally agreed to share with you.


     Here's what it includes:

Underground Witchcraft Secrets Course
  • Your Complete Guide To White Witchcraft - answering the questions you have been asking
Underground Witchcraft Secrets Course
  • Understanding Wicca (we unveil the mystique and confusion that surrounds the Wiccan Religion)
Underground Witchcraft Secrets Course
  • The Practice Of Witchcraft (what being a witch really means)
Underground Witchcraft Secrets Course
  • Spell Casting Essentials (laws of spell casting that you must be aware of so your spells work)
Underground Witchcraft Secrets Course
  • Steps On How To Practice Witchcraft (finally a step by step process that clearly exaplins how to practice witchcraft)

     You'll not find this information in any book store or online anywhere else.  This is the first time any one has been able to obtain such thorough and compelling information on witchcraft and the magickal practices of its greatest practitioners.  Information that spans centuries. Centuries of closely guarded secrets passed down from generation to generation of witches from the inner sanctum.

     As I mentioned before I have 1,627 people begging me for this information.  I know if I make this FIVE CD set available for long we will get caught by the Elders.  But if I make it available for a VERY short time, then the people who REALLY need it will get it.

     So I'm taking the risk but can not guarantee how long it will be available for.  

Plus You'll Get These Five Limited Bonuses Worth More Than $512 When You Order By Midnight,  FREE !


  • From The World's Leading Witches Own Personal 'Book Of Shadows' 150 Powerful Spells covering 17 key areas of your lives (love, money, health, protection, breaking curses and more...).
  • Includes more than 20 of the witchcraft world's most powerful Love Spells
  • Over 15 super strength Money Spells, addressing specific issues you want to change regarding your financial situation - removing debt, paying bills, ongoing cash flow etc (these can be used in conjunction with each other!
Value: $235

  • Types Of Magick to broaden your mind on the scope and ease of magick so you decide what style best suits you when.  As some styles are better suited to different outcomes you are desiring.
Value: $69
  • Complete Glossary Of Witchcraft  - definitions in easy to understand terms, removes the stigma, helps your application of the craft, and allows you to converse appropriately with fellow witches
Value: $88.75
  • Video On The Power & Significance of Each Day Of The Week - maximizes the effectiveness of your spell casting by working with the energies of the different days of the week. Without this you are flying blind!
Value: $97
  • Pocket-book Detailing The Power Of Foods To Enhance Your Magickal Power, this will help you take your powers to the next level, so the food in your system radiates with the vibrations of your spell work to bring you what you want.
Value: $23.32

These 5 Powerful Bonuses Worth More Than $512, are available 


      Access is strictly limited.....when you purchase this Underground Course you will automatically be granted full private membership to our Whyte Witch Cyber Coven!

     This membership will be for the lifetime of the Cyber Coven.  This will be your opportunity and entrance into a bonafide community of like minded witches and apprentices.

     This has NEVER before been done and High Priestess Serenity, myself and some of our most revered and respected magickal practitioners in our underground community will be on hand to guide you, and answer your witchcraft related questions.

     Again - I can't promise to keep this offer open for long.  This is my gift to you to help you along your magickal path when you purchase our dynamic underground course.

     As soon as you purchase this course you'll be given a link to sign up to this Secret Cyber Coven.  Again your private membership is guaranteed for the lifetime of the Coven.  So when we move to a monthly paid subscription you will automatically be exempt.

     Like I said earlier, you can place your order right now and be listening to this entire system 30 seconds later and immediately be given your private membership to our Cyber Coven.

     The way it works is simple and fast.

     Just click one of the links and you'll be taken to my 100% secure order page.

     As soon as your order is processed (takes about 30 seconds) you'll be taken to the "Playback Page" where you can instantly listen to any of the amazing training audios, read the workbooks or watch any of the bonus videos .

     These special audios reveal the never before revealed secrets that are causing an UPROAR amongst the Elders in the Underground.

     You can return to your special web page any time you like to listen again....as often as you like, and from any computer in the world!

Click here to order right away so you can start enjoying the contents of the "Underground Guide To Witchcrafts Greatest Secrets"

     You'll be thrilled with how fast and easy it is for you to practice magick...and most importantly see if work for you...INSTANTLY.

     These 3 hours 42 minutes audio courses & workbooks will be sold via elite subscription for $142 in its offline "physical" format.

     But when you get instant access over the Internet, I'm able to offer it to you for only $97. That's a savings of  $45.00!

     The reason I can offer it at this super low price is because the course is delivered to you over your computer and I don't have to incur any shipping, storage, or manufacturing costs.  So I pass the savings on to you.

     Also, I'm offering it at this low price because this entire "internet sale" is part of a marketing test I'm trying out.  Frankly I plan to raise the price by an extra $45.00 (at the very least) in the very near future.

     But even at a higher price, it'd be a bargain because the positive impact the contents of this course will have on your life will be so real for you!

     I know from first hand, personal experience that witchcraft is real and magick does happen, and I'm so confident you'll love it that I'm offering the following guarantee

You'll Be Mesmerized By This Powerful Underground Witchcraft Course Or
I'll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back And Still Let You Keep The Entire Course For FREE!

     You heard me correctly. This amazing Underground Witchcraft Course will make magick happen for you.

     But if you don't like it, I don't want your money.  You can just keep the whole thing as my ways of saying "thanks for being adventurous and taking a chance."

     You wont have to answer any questions, fill out any forms, or send anything back.  Just let me know if you're not happy and I'll immediately give you a 100% refund.

     But the entire system is still yours to keep forever.

     There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

     Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it for free.  Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

So click here to get your personal Underground Guide To Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets so that you can immediately begin to practice magick that changes your life for the better . You have absolutely no risk...and everything to gain!

     You'll be thrilled with "How you can create the results you want for yourself and others in all areas of your life" in a way that is sacred, enlightening and infinitely rewarding.   As it sucks big time when things aren't' going the way you want them to.  Whether it be around love, money, health or overall wellbeing.  I know I have been there, many times.  And I find that what I have learnt under the watchful eye of High Priestess Serenity has change my life so much for the better.

It's real, it's tangible and it happens really fast.  If you want to experience the same wonderful results I and so many others in our close knit community have, I implore you to not delay a moment longer.  

Click here to get instant access now

Peace & Providence,


Arabella Jolie
White Witch


PS: The Internet Introductory low price of only $97 is part of a market test I'm conducting. This program will also sell via elite subscription offline for nearly $142.  Once I've completed my marketing test I know I'll be increasing my price.  So if you're interested you should buy right now.    Click here to save $45 now!

PPS: Here are three quick reasons why this is the right choice for you.  

This course has been developed with the help of the world's most respected and revered witches who are no longer prepared to sit in silence and keep you in the dark about your true magickal potential and birth-right.  Magick can and does happen, and it will for you too when you learn what this course teaches you.

In the past few weeks I have received a constant stream of success stories like the ones you have read above from people JUST LIKE YOU who we have shared this course with and have been BLOWN AWAY by the results they got.

I'm the only witch that believes in the power of this course so much that I will let you keep this entire secret underground guide for FREE if you feel it doesn't work for you.

It doesn't get any more "risk free" than this!

I promise you, you will be thrilled with your decision to go forward with this.

You will be able to create the world you want to live in for yourself.  You'll ignite your own magickal powers.  And with focus and positive intent be able to bring & keep the love you want into your life.  Free yourself of money problems, enjoy prosperity and good health.  Stay protected from harm, extending this to your loved ones.  Heal yourself and others and enjoy on going good luck.....and if that sounds like Utopia - now you know why they have been trying to keep this secret from you!

AND you can join us as a private member of our elite, sealed from the public Whyte Witch Cyber Coven (nothing as powerful and personal as this has ever been created for fellow witches and apprentices).  This Coven will be for members only, which you become automatically when you purchase our Underground Course.  It is a sacred protected space for you to ask questions and share your experiences with other like minded members of our community.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click here and try this Secret Underground Course today
Please Note: I Reserve The Right to PULL THIS COURSE and NEVER REVEAL IT AGAIN.

This is the only course of its kind available.  Since its very limited I urge you not to put it off as you are destined to regret it later.


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