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You are only a few steps away from getting to own these rare incantations, that belonged only to the pharaohs and their most trusted priests. These spells were successfully used in those times to make the miracles that our science still tries to figure out...

But, before I continue reveling these amazing facts and show you how to lay your hands on old genuine witchcraft spells... there's something that you really must know first:

If you ever tried the witchcraft materials that almost "invaded" our lives, then is totally understandable... The sad news is that, they CANNOT Possibly Work!


Well, here's why: this "New Age" Witchcraft that you can find almost everywhere: on the street, on bookshelves in the local store, CDs and on so many places that you couldn't possibly imagine, it's only a POOR BLUFF!

In witchcraft... you can't invent amazing "new" spells or methods like you can invent a new car with a new engine!

You see...

All The Ancient Powers And Incantations Have Their Birth Since The Beginning… And Only a Tiny Circle of People Know and Use Their Right Meaning and Force

Bear with me for a moment.

Forget the present.

And let me take you 2500 years ago when the Egyptian civilization reached their pick. You will read proofs from the past... and how they've used old witchcraft gems to make miracles:

Proof: The pyramids were built using Health Spells!

The ancient Egyptians, about 3,000 BCE, were part of a rich, powerful and advanced culture. So advanced, in fact, they were way ahead of their time:

The pyramids are still miracles for many of us... Every stone-block of pyramid weights more than 6 tons…it was impossible for those days to build such great monuments and tombs…

Without magick powers, even 100 people cannot move such a heavy object...You see they had used old witchcraft potions and spells to improve their body strength and energy...

What about those impressive sarcophaguses or sphinxes? This is exciting history unknown for our scientists...

How Did It All Appear Without Old Powerful Secrets Of Magick?

Proof: Cleopatra's Seduction Secret Revealed!

In the times of Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt…the pharaohs had such wealth that the Romans wanted to invade their lands. Cleopatra had find out about their plans... but she waited...

And the reason she had waited is that she had a secret weapon… a magickal love potion. She used this effective brew to bewitch Caesar, the Roman Emperor, and he became her lover that very night!

(Cleopatra was far from beautiful, despite her glamorous image today. She is depicted on ancient coins with a long hooked nose and masculine features. Yet she was clearly a very seductive woman.)

Years later...

Powerful Love Potion Strikes Again, Dramatically!

When Cesar was betrayed and killed by his own friends... Marcus Antonius was his successor to the throne. The history repeated it self...

He was bewitched too by this Great Love Potion and madly had fallen in love with her:

In 42 BC Marcus Antonius summoned Cleopatra to Tarsus (in modern-day Turkey) to question her about whether she had assisted his enemies. Cleopatra arrived in style on a barge with a gilded stern, purple sails, and silver oars.

The boat was sailed by her maids, who were dressed as sea nymphs. Cleopatra herself was dressed as Venus, the goddess of love. She reclined under a gold canopy, fanned by boys in Cupid costumes.

Cleopatra entertained him on her barge that night... and like Caesar before him, Marcus was enthralled. Forgetting his responsibilities, he accompanied Cleopatra to Alexandria and spent the winter with her there...

Would you like to discover witchcraft gems that only the pharaohs, the direct descendents of the Ra, the Sun God, had knew? Their power was so great that they could bring rain into the desert and the pharaohs could live longer to assure their reign. You get to uncover the…

Resurrected Power That Makes Your Wildest Dreams Alive!

Here, finally, you can learn the witchcraft nuggets that only a handful of lucky people even knew existed a short time ago... including "super-advanced" skills, "know-how" and techniques of....

How to cast spells for love that guarantees an "animal"
attractiveness and sexuality making the opposite sex dream of you 3 days after meeting you...

How to cast spells to re-unite the white-hot passion for long-term relationship

How to cast "blizzard-powerful" money spells (You can now surprise all of your friends when you take them to a fancy restaurant...)

How to become "invulnerable" to curses or any magic that was done against you!

Plus... how to replenish (and manage) a steady new flood of fresh, youthful stream of healing energy... allowing you to experience a more intense and beautiful life

But, Who The Heck Am I To Tell You These Facts?

My name is Bob Andrews. 14 years ago I was a witchcraft apprentice of a real-powerful authentic wizard in El-Maasara, Cairo, Egypt...

He was so powerful that he could summon the most wildest entities to help him complete his wishes, even materialize objects. He could enchant everything around him... influencing the nature herself with overwhelmingly impressive spells. He used the ancient secret legacy of witchcraft knowledge passed from generation to generation under severe oath...

I must confess that you are very lucky that you are reading this right now, because the best part is that,

In everybody's life comes a moment, when he would like to share the wisdom and vast experience with other people...

At that time I was too very lucky... and I have been initiated piece-by-piece in the old genuine art of witchcraft.

I had access to the "golden-chest" of old-powerful spells, rituals and impressive knowledge of witchcraft... and I've learnt…

How To Pinpoint With Sharpshooter Accuracy The Exact Steps and Incantations
That Transforms You In A Powerful Wizard...

I remember how I cast my first love spell to bring a wonderful and passionate woman in my life... I was sitting in front of my altar with all the tools that I needed. I performed the magick circle ritual…saying the right incantations…and using the exact matched spell to make the miracle happen...

In only 7 days, I had found her. My steps took me to a small restaurant and there I saw her. She was drinking her coffee.., she smiled at me and we both said 'Hi' (We were both dressed in the same colors...and later I discovered that we loved the same music and watched the same movies).

It was magic! Right then, we crazily fell in love one with each other and I started to live a life full of passion and "red-hot" amazing nights...Yet, these are private details... I could add that we are still happily married for 12 years...and now we have two wonderful children.

But, instead of tooting my own horn I'm going show you...

How to Cast Old Powerful Spells to Skyrocket Your Love Life,
Attract Solid-Cold Cash Into Your Pockets and
Miraculously Improve Your Health:

However, before I get "canned-open" and start telling you all about a rare witchcraft gold-teachings book to become a mighty wizard that can easily add more money, more love and more health to his life...there are a few important things that you must know:

I sincerely tell you that I'm not a God…although I use magick to make miracles! It's very important that you must know that we all follow some rules that cannot be trespassed.

I am a simple guy... I've leaned these things and I believe that my purpose in this world is to share and teach other people my knowledge.
, no matter the age or sex, can successfully use this information.

And there is more,

You Get Private Access To Antique Spells and Rituals That Makes You Able To
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Imagine that… You just uncover these secrets within minutes...

You cast a Soul Mate Love spell and in 2 days you get together with the person you love!

You start using The Ancient Indian Ritual for Wealth and all of your friends will be stunned when they will discover that... You have all the money you need! You don't have to work hard to earn a living...

You Boost your Physical Presence...Desire...And Attractiveness...it such a way that people will be miraculously driven to you!

And this is only the tip of the ice berg... I cannot stress how powerfully these secrets can affect your life. There is no other book like this anywhere. Until now, only a tiny trickle of the sizzling untold witchcraft secrets was leaking out from genuine witches.

The sudden release of this book, makes you able to satisfy your own deeply desires to...

Incredibly Enrich Your Life And Help The People You Care About!

Here are some testimonials from the people who already use these incantations:

"It's absolutely Phenomenal!

"Yes! Got it! As Bob says:"It's absolutely Phenomenal!"
Of the teachers I have had in my life, no one has explained so well how to follow this complicated topic.

"The "Old Witchcraft™ Secrets" and the bonuses are Superb, and if I don't succeed with it now, then I guess I never will.
You have my faith and trust in all you do.

"God Bless You."

-- Steve Scally

"I won 1000$ in 3 days!

"I can believe it! I won 1000$ in 3 days after I cast that special money spell! Amazing! Thanks for sharing "Old Witchcraft Secrets™" with the world.


-- Ralf Mechino
Perth, Western Australia

"I got Married and Changed my Job!

"When I started I wanted to get married and change my job. I just thought I'd tell you that I just got married this month and have been at a new job since late February. A year ago I didn't think this was possible. My life has change I feel this protective positive energy around me.

"Thank you, "

-- Emily

"The Stomach Infection Cleared Up
in Just 3 Weeks!

"I am writing to wish you all good health and success. I've used your book... I want you to know that I have very good results. One area I focused on was my health. I had been troubled by a stomach infection for about 6 months, and had been to several doctors who were not able to diagnose the problem. In September, an endoscopy revealed a swelling near the esophagus. The doctor put me on medication and said I should return in 4 months.

"Amazingly, the stomach infection cleared up in just 3 weeks, and I didn't even finish taking the medicine."

-- Collin Boyd
Jacksonville, Florida


Old Witchcraft™ Secrets

This is truly a Magick Encyclopedia that reveals all about magick, spells and rituals and how to use them to improve your life - quickly and easily. (more valuable than 10 common books...)

"OldWitchcraft™ Secrets" offers you a detailed on how you can cast powerful spells to make your wildest dreams come true!

I think it is fair for me to help you decide if my book is for you or not, by printing some of the incredible secrets revealed in it:

How to know what spells and rituals work for you. Almost every wizard or witch uses this practice, but only a few people know and use its right meaning...

Time-forgotten method to cast spells or perform rituals that helps you become master in witchcraft. (Follow these little steps used for ages by powerful priests and shamans to get astonishing magick results…)

How to "focus" mental energy to give your rituals tremendous power… (Including 'Top Sport Champion's formula' to visualize and complete your goals.)

How to change your altar tools to drastically help your spell results. (Get this part right, and you'll never experience embarrassment and fury when your spells doesn't work…)

Complete list of "must have" artifacts, herbs, candles, potions that you need to cast devastating powerful spells (these objects have great hidden powers and were used around the world for their quality by witches, shamans, healers and voodoo priests)

The Magic Circle Ritual: Out-standing incantation that guarantees to triple your spell effectiveness and keeps you protected from evil-forces

Moon Fazes Revealed! The precise time you need to cast spells and incantations to pump into your life miraculous results!

87 "Mind - Blowing" Spells That Makes You Able To Change Your Life
Almost Over-Night!

The Pentagram Revealed! What is it, how to draw, were to draw and how to cast a very important and powerful ritual called Lesser Ritual of The Pentagram that Surround and Protect you from Evil forces!

Secret technique that grants psychic awareness and a marked improvement in your health 100% effective...

Little known 'taken-by-the-hand' method for Astral Projection - how to put steps into the "other" world and get an extraordinary experience…

Artificial Elements (NOW REVEALED! How to create your own artificial element and use it like an invisible watcher and observer. Also if you like you can use it as psychic guard or for healing)

Step-by-step formulas and my full 41 Love Spell collection which includes Love Spells, Fertility Spells, Happiness, Stop breakups, divorce, negative interference and...

Gives Soul Mates Permanent Connection!

The five secrets on how to get amazing spell results! (The stunning key to "advanced" witchcraft that most people never find out!)

The Aura REVEALED! How to use clairvoyance to see other people aura, including a simple tested method to improve this natural ability that most people didn't know they have!

Learn about the colors of the aura and how to use them to 'boost' your magick powers and stay protected! (HINT: Use this ability to develop an "out-of-this-world" intuition and know in advance which man or woman might have a bad influence for you and your family!)

Dragon Magick Exposed! Use the powers of the 5 dragons to get more money, be more attractive, healthy and help the people you love (Hint: You can use this powerful secret to get answers to difficult situations that might cross your life -path or even find out your future.)

Discover how to get rid of bad spirits or other evil entities using ancient, yet effective Taoist Ghost Hunters methods. (Why 'poltergeist' occurs 87% near adult women and how to encounter it.)

Proven "Have a Safe Trip Spell" that it can be cast on the loved ones to protect and help them to arrive safe home

How to get a psychic dream- the outstanding method to see your future --days, months, years ahead

Uncover the hidden secret behind feats like levitation...

The Power Of Colors Revealed! Discover the right color that has the most magical power to keep you protected and happy.

How To Break The Curses Or Any Magic That Was Done Against You!

41 "heart-attack" love spells you can cast in 2 minutes to get more love and become more attractive

How to surprise your friends using this little known spells to change the weather (my friends laughed when I told them...but then I cast this spell!)

Love Suffering Cure: How to put an end to the pain that haunts you from the past. And how to set the karmic ground for a new beginning of passion and romance.

How to get rid of the anxiety of meeting new people. And how to win friends and become more admired wherever you go. (Love Spell #34)

Love Passion Scroll: Experience "red-hot streams" of passion that you'll probably dreamed about with the right person beside you…if you cast the "Soul Mate Love Spell" or "The Perfect Soul Mate Spell" ( Love Spells #33 and Love Spell #36)

Hot Affair Scroll: How to start a new amazing hot-affair that will make you live an extraordinary experience. (Love Spell #39)

Respect and Perpetual Love Scroll: How to maintain unconditional love and respect in a long-term relationship or marriage.

Love truth scroll: How to find out if the person you love truly loves you. (Love Spell #41)

Cast the effective "Reverse Love Spell" or "Get Rid of an unwanted love" if you want to start a new relation and you don't want to hurt the person next to you.

Love Scroll for Shy People: Use the Love spell #20 if you desire someone who desires you but is shy in expressing his/hers feelings to finally get together.

10 "Bullet-Proof" Protection Spells For You, Your Home, Family and Friends (Using These Spells Periodically Makes You "Invulnerable" To Evil or Unfortunate Situations)

Advanced technique to make a Protection Ball that keeps you and your home safe

Get rid of negative energy that brings you only unfortunate events with these simple and quick protection spells. (Protection Spells #5,#7,#9,#10)

You get 14 "tough-as-a-rock" health spells to manage a youthful stream of energy through your body.

Give Yourself A Trimmer, Healthier, Better-Looking Body In Just 17 Days...using this spell to help you eat less and become healthy (Health Spell #7)

Surprise All Of Your Friends After You Use These Simple-Effective Spells For Weight Loss (Health Spell #8,#9)

Anti - Stress Spell Scroll: How to become more relaxed …including how to make the stress disappear almost over-night! (Health Spell #7)

Wealth Ritual Scroll: Indian generation-to-generation gain wealth ritual is finally REVEALED! Use this old-tested method to get wealthy. (Money Spell #1)

Discover how to make an amulet for getting a job. Guaranteed!

Money For Education Scroll: Use this simple "bullet-quick" spell for money (Money Spell #8)

Over 13 Oils and 17 Incenses For Money, Love, Happiness, Friends, Power, Security, Protection And Much, Much, More...

Complete list of crystals and gems that are proven to have unexpected healing and protective powers. Note: Take a moment to choose the right one for you...

Uncover 27 Witchcraft secrets most people thought they already knew! (Only a handful of people ever figures this out on their own...and does your magick power ever change when you do!)

Anti - Bad Habit Scroll: If you feel tired of having a bad habit or sometimes you feel depressed use this "fired-up" spells to get rid of depression or bad habits. (Health Spells #5, #13)

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How to make your own candles to 'impregnate' them with *your energy*... Once you master this... you'll be blown by the astonishing success of your spells that gives you full control over your life and finances.

Unknown tips of candle shapes that magnifies your magick powers, 'forces' you to become healthier and incredible attractive! (Hint: You will also discover candle shapes that will safeguard or focus streams of calm and relaxing energy for your home and family.)

Candle Magick Rare Secret: Discover which candle can you use to bend someone to your will…

Candle Magick Rare Secret: Discover which candle you can use to acquire more success and power, heal illness or escape from dangerous situation. (Hint: You can even ward off the specter of death…)

Candle Magick Rare Secret: Discover which candle has the biggest power over women and their sexuality…(Hint: It can also be used for a safe and easy birth…)

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What Kind of Oil Is Best In Dressing Your Candles To Haste Your Magick Results…

Ancient Candle Symbology. Discover the most important elements of a candle customizing your candle magick spells to exactly match your magickal purpose.

The secret 'candle-language'. How to know with 'Swiss watch' accuracy when to cast the spell or ritual. (You can even find out answers to things that only a highly "intuitive" person could know or discover…)

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Facts and false myths about hypnosis: How to know if someone tries to trick you with hypnosis. (You will also learn how to effectively use hypnosis.)

Step-by-step method to hypnotize yourself to discover hidden talents. (Note: You can also find out "unknown" information directly from your subconscious mind.)

How to effective hypnotize other people in just 5 minutes. (IMPORTANT! Do not use this technique to make people hurt them self or others!)

How reprogram the Subconscious and Internal Dialogue to become a bright-successful person in only 7 days!

Effective stunning Asian techniques for Relaxation eliminates stress and increases your energy level (Including: How to get rid of stress and tension using 2 simple exercises).

Quick and easy visualization exercises that improves your mental and physical processes of your body and boosts your health.

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Cleopatra's Magick Potion: Incredible love potion that makes you almost "irresistible" to opposite sex.

Love Potion Recipe: Love potion to dispel unwanted affection fast!

Quick and easy recipe for 'Come to me' oil. (Use this frequently to feel yourself how people will react in your presence…)

You Get 9 'Heart-Melting' Potions For Love And Romance (Use This Carefully!)

List of useful herbs used by centuries by shamans and great wizards that you can use to make amazing potions to match your magickal purpose. (You'll be blown away when you'll find out how easily you can get these herbs. Some of them you'll probably find in your backyard…)

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Dragon Magick

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