spells with candles

Powerful Candle Spells for Manifestation


Candles are the guardians of the fire. The sacred crackling of the flames forges and transforms everything it interacts
with into better versions of ourselves. Like a Phoenix rising out of its ashes, candle spells help burn that which no longer serves us for our highest good and highest benefit and invokes through the void of what has been burned, everything that we need to continue on our journey to find our heart’s treasure. They are the light of God in the physical sense, creating quiescent atmosphere most suitable for prayer, meditation, healing, manifestation and other activities …

What’s Needed: Candle, Crystal, Incense and Pen & Paper

Colour of Candle

Colours are important, as they vibrate energy that affects the areas of life we want to focus on. Together with the flames of the candle, they are the power couple on our healing journey.

Below are some suggestions though you can use a colour that resonates with you.

Red – Love & Passion
Purple – Twin Flame or Soulmate Connection
Green – Money or Abundance
Black – Clearing Negativity
White – Ending Toxic Relationship
Yellow/Gold – Happiness, Self-Empowerment and Confidence
Silver – Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Connecting with the inner truth, revealing all that is hidden


Crystals to Use

Crystals are powerful beings governing the mystical powers of Mother Earth. Their energies help to ground us and our dreams into reality. Each crystal has their own unique strenghs and should be treasured with respect, love and gratitude. They are the guardians of the wisdom of our ancestors.

Rose Quartz – Love & Relationships
Green Aventurine – Money & Abundance
Protection – Black Tourmaline

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Best Type of Incense

Love – Amber
Abundance – Patchouli
Protection/Clear Negativity – Dragon’s Blood

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Writing Intentions – Three Golden Rules

1) Present Tense
2) Positive
3) Show Gratitude


‘I am grateful my soulmate is in my life.’
‘I am thankful for my abundance.’
‘I am thankful to be in a loving, kind, supportive, intimate and affectionate relationship.’

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The Ritual

You will need a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Light the candle and then make the sign of the cross or pentacle. (depending on your belief) You now call upon the universe, god, angel or your chosen entity for assistance.

Example – ‘I call upon the universe for assistance.’



Negativity such as worries and fears can create blockages and prevent your intentions from manifesting. Mediation is an excellent tool to help clear the mind. Shut your eyes and meditate for around 5 minutes.

Guided Meditation Idea



Readout your Intentions

‘I am grateful my soulmate is in my life.’
‘I am thankful for my abundance.’



If you can imagine and feel it inside, it will match up on the outside—the more detailed the visualisation, the better. How does it feel? How does it look? The smell, the taste, the feel?

Do this for 15 minutes!

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The Last Step

Put the candle out with a snuffer or wet finger. Blowing out the candle is like blowing away a wish, and you would have to start again! Thank the universe or entity for their assistance.