best crystals for spells

Crystals for Spellcasting


What Are The Best Crystals For Spells?

What are the best crystals for spells? Crystals have extraordinary powers and properties that are ideal for holding during spellcasting. Wearing in the form of jewellery during the day or even placed under a pillow at night enhances the spell’s power.

Best Crystals for Love Spells

Rose Quartz is the most powerful crystal around matters of the heart, opening the heart to all kinds, including a soulmate or twin flame connection. It promotes an unconditional love that can be shared between two people, creating a deep bond. It helps restore trust and harmony and release toxic energy from past relationships. Rose quartz harnesses the power of unconditional love bringing your consciousness to a higher level.

Garnet is the stone of passion and heats things up in the bedroom. It helps to increase sex drive and stimulate romance and love. Garnet helps you feel more desirable that helps to get you more noticed! It also helps with depression, and so if a relationship has reached a rocky stage, this can help reignite the passion.

Green Jade is used to rebuild trust within a relationship. You can use it to reignite the passion within a current relationship or attract new love. If you feel unsure where you should focus your heart, Jade helps to clear any confusion and guides you in the right direction.


Best Crystals for Abundance Spells

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of abundance and opportunity. It increases your chance of attracting prosperity by opening the doors to opportunity. Some people refer to it as the ‘Gambler’s Crystal’ since it brings good luck in a game or gambling.

Pyrite is known as ‘Fool’s Gold’, and even though it’s not valuable itself, it does help to manifest wealth and abundance. It unblocks stagnant energy that stands in the way of you and abundance.

Citrine is often associated with success in business and financial matters. It’s known as the most powerful crystal for attracting finances. It opens doors of opportunity and also helps you to hold onto money! So if you are looking for a way to save or make money, then Citrine is the stone for you.


Best Crystals for Protection Spells

Black Tourmaline is the most popular crystal for protection. It provides protection on all levels, namely, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It clears negativity within and outside and acts as a shield repelling destructive and harmful energy. It helps to remove the mind of worry, fear and self-doubt, replacing it with hope and positivity.

Black Obsidian comes about through volcanic eruptions and possesses many raw and strong elements. It’s ideal for protection and returning curses to the sender. It protects against negative influences and helps break destructive and unhealthy habits.

Amethyst is commonly known as the stone of spirituality, mediation and tranquillity. It has a strong vibration that protects from negative influences and spiritual warfare. It can transform negative energy into positive.


A critical step in a ritual is creating intentions, writing them down and then reading them out. They follow three golden rules with this visualization technique: being positive, showing gratitude, and writing in the present tense.

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Intentions are like the title to what you want, and visualization forms the whole story. It’s always a good idea to be in a positive frame of mind when visualizing, and guided meditation can help put you in the perfect state of mind.

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