spells with candles

Guided Meditations


It’s vital to have a positive mind when casting a spell. Any negativity will create blockages and prevent your spell from manifesting in the way you wished. Learn about these guided meditations for better spell casting.


White Smoke: guided meditations

Imagine all the negativity inside yourself is black smoke and positive energy white. Picture yourself breathing in white smoke and then out with black. As you do this more and more, the black smoke gradually becomes grey. A bit more, and then the grey smoke transforms to white!


The Rough Rock: guided meditations

Imagine a large rough rock that represents negativity. Imagine tapping the stone with a chisel where fragments start to drop off bit by bit. First small pieces drop to the ground, and then larger ones! As you get closer and closer to the centre, something shiny starts to appear. A few more fragments and a wipe with a cloth reveal a beautiful diamond representing positivity.


Warm Golden Light: guided meditations

Imagine a warm golden light that touches the tip of your head. Feel it bring about relaxation to that part of the body. Now work yourself down the whole of your body. Spend a bit longer on areas that seems tenser. Work down your face, shoulders and arms, body and legs, and then finish at the tips of your toes.