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 Incense For Spells: Love, Abundance, And More

Incense comes in many forms sticks, cones or resins. The purest and most effective type is resins, for which you would need charcoal and a brass burner. Incense’s aroma helps raise the vibrations within and then matches up on the outside. You can also imagine the smoke from the inverse containing your intention that floats up as a request to the universe.


Incense for Love Spells

Amber is one of the best incense for love and helps to transform negative energies into positive ones. If there have been struggles, arguments, or disagreements within a relationship, Amber brings calmness and tranquillity. It’s also an aphrodisiac and can bring improvements in the bedroom department. If not in a relationship, then it can attract your ideal partner.

Lavender incense has been used in rituals for centuries due to its calming and soothing effects. It has the effect of purification and helps clear negativity from a relationship. So, in a nutshell, if you are having problems with your partner, Lavender will help to bring a peaceful resolution.

Rose is known as the ‘Incense of Love’ and corresponds to Venus. Its properties help to keep true love or attract new romance. It opens up the heart chakra and helps to enhance passion within a relationship. It also boosts self-love, which in turn helps to bring a lover closer.


Incense for Abundance Spells

Cinnamon is the champagne of incense for attracting abundance. It raises the energies by transforming stagnant energy into inspiration, opening the door to opportunities! Cinnamon is cleansing and helps clear any blockages that stand in the way of you and prosperity.

Patchouli is associated with the root chakra and is ideal for attracting money and abundance. It is associated with Saturn, the God of wealth and abundance. Spells should be cast on a Saturday when using this incense.

Incense for Protection Spells

Frankincense is the best-known incense used for protection. It raises the vibrations and helps connect you with the spiritual plane. Once you are in touch with the higher plane, negative energies will dissolve away.

Myrrh is well known for its protective properties and used in rituals and exorcisms. Its fumes help cleanse and purify people, allowing them to see the truth. Myrrh is also used to bless and purify equipment in spell casting.

Dragon’s Blood is commonly used in rituals to help clear negative energies and protect you from lower vibrations. It can also be used for healing and banishing negative entities.