Waning Moon


This is a time when the goddess begins to bow down as she draws her light inwards, ready to surrender to the cycles of life,
ready to withdraw, rest, renew and soften. She is most aged and wise, so you may lean into her intuitively when you are looking for her guidance and help in letting go all that no longer serves you. Be it bad habits, toxic relationship, or perhaps even letting go of limiting perspectives, thoughts, and stories so that will you be able to create the space for what your spirit is here to do.

This spell utilises the power of the Waning Moon, where it decreases in size. Therefore, you should cast the spell for seven consecutive days between a Full and New Moon. These are ideal conditions for repelling spells such as;

Ending Toxic Relationship
Clearing Negativity
Losing Weight


What’s Needed

Candle, Pen & Paper, Crystals, Moon Water, Incense and Spiritual Music


The Candle

The candle is lit for 15 minutes a day over a week, so there is no need for a seven-day candle. It’s also not safe to leave an unattended candle!

These are some suggestions though you can use colours that most draw you!

Ending Toxic Relationship – White
Losing Weight – Green


Crystals for Enhancing the Spell

Rose Quartz – Love & Relationships
Green Adventurine – Money & Abundance
Protection – Black Tourmaline

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Incense Ideas

Love – Amber

Abundance – Patchouli

Protection/Clear Negativity – Dragon’s Blood

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Moon Water

You want something to get smaller and disappear, so New Moon water is best. Put out some water in a pan throughout a New Moon and then keep it safe until the next New Moon!


Write Intentions

There are three golden rules with intention writing.

1) Written in the present tense
2) Be Positive
3) Show Gratitude

If you imagine that you already have something, it will match up outside.


‘I am grateful for my freedom.’

‘I am thankful for having more energy.’

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The Ritual

First, find a safe and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Anoint the candle with New Moon water and then light!

Make the sign of the cross or pentacle, depending on your belief. Next, call upon the universe or chosen entity to assist you!


‘I call upon the universe for assistance.’

‘I ask Angel Gabriel for assistance.’


Now call out your intentions. Example;

‘I am grateful for my freedom.’



Now visualise how it feels to have what you want. How does it look? How does it smell? Go as deep as you can since the more detailed, the better the manifestation!

Do this for 15 minutes!

Visualisation Ideas


The Final Step

Put out the candle with a snuffer or wet fingers since blowing it out would blow away your wish, and you would have to start the session again!

Thank the universe or entity for their assistance.


Repeat this for seven days!




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