New Moon and casting spells


New Moon represents New Beginnings. It is a time of retrospection as we plant seeds for the future we wish to attract into our life. Meditating is an important part of the ritual to connect with our hearts and set clear intentions for our goals, dreams, desires, projects, and ambitions. New Moon brings about freshness, clean slates and second chances, as it sets you out on a journey of a quest towards your personal legend and your hidden treasure. When the Moon is New, the conditions are perfect for attracting something new, such as a new relationship or job. The New Moon may fall overnight, so it’s not always possible to perform the spell at the exact time. However, the energy is still intense for a few days following a New Moon and so still sufficient power for your spell!


What’s Needed: best full moon spells and ritual ideas

Candle, Pen & Paper, Crystals, Moon Water, Incense and Spiritual Music


Colour and type of candle

These are some suggestions though you can use colours that most draw you!

New Love – Red
Spiritual Connection – Purple
Health & Fitness – Yellow or Green
Abundance – Green or Gold


Crystals for Enhancing the Spell

Rose Quartz – Love & Relationships
Green Adventurine – Money & Abundance
Protection – Black Tourmaline

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Incense Ideas

Love – Amber

Abundance – Patchouli

Protection/Clear Negativity – Dragon’s Blood

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New moon rituals for letting go

Moon Water

A pot of water can be placed outside a day before a New Moon and then taken in just before the spell is cast!


Write Intentions

Intentions are written in a particular way and must be written in the present tense, show gratitude and be positive.


‘I am grateful for being with my ideal partner’

‘I am thankful for my abundance’


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The Ritual

Find a quiet and safe place where you won’t be disturbed. Anoint the candle with the New Moon water and then light it! Make the sign of the pentacle or cross depending on your belief. Now call upon the universe or entity for assistance.


‘I call upon the universe for assistance.’

New moon rituals for letting go


Clearing the mind of worry and fear is vital since negativity creates blockages and prevents the spell from manifesting. It’s best to shut your eyes and meditate for around 5 minutes.

List of Guided Meditations


Now Read out your Intentions


‘I am grateful for being with my ideal partner’

‘I am thankful for my abudance’



If you can imagine and feel it inside, it will match up on the outside—the more detailed the visualisation, the better. How does it feel? How does it look? The smell, the taste, the feel?

Do this for 15 minutes!

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The Last Step: New Moon Spells

Put the candle out with a snuffer or wet finger. Blowing out the candle is like blowing away a wish, and you would have to start again! Thank the universe or entity for their assistance.



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