Psychic Readings 16th Nov

Masked Reader – I’m shown a triangle and it’s pretty much your situation right now. Sharing is never fun and for you it’s turning into a bit of a nightmare. Is it time to shake this all up and see what falls out? Do you have the strength to do this? Time will tell.

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Rainha – The Whip is the Lenmorand card I drew for you today. This is like a big red sign is being held up saying Stop! Danger Ahead!

There is a high likelihood of an argument happening in the very near future. It can escalate into a bitter, nasty exchange of words which will derail any progress you have made in love. It can even cause your love interest to stop communicating with you altogether.

There’s more… It seems that someone is behind the scenes here trying to provoke you and your love interest to fight. Find out more now!

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Ron – The Tower means a sudden and unexpected change that shall lead to better things in the future. This shows me this relationship is at a point of choice and it shall either change or it shall end. I see that he is not seeing this and is denying there is a problem. He is not really listening to what you are saying and how this change is important. For him things could go on as they are but for you this is not an option and you know as things are just now you are not happy in the relationship

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Jane – I drew a tarot card for love for you today and you have temperance. This is a beautiful gentle energy and it is a good love card as it talks about improvements in all kinds of relationships. It can be asking you to be patient with the situation, but it is saying it will be worth it in the end.

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