Psychic Readings 17th Nov

Venus – The card I have for you today from my heart oracle tarot is release. I feel that at moment you are going through some trouble in your relationship or there has been an ending of a relationship. Are you clinging on to past situations? Or resisting change? This card is telling u that by letting go of a difficult or stagnant situation and releasing yourself this. Will enable you to empower yourself and open the way for new rewarding relationships or the renewal of a past relationship.

I see here the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle around matters of the heart.

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Karrissa – I get a strong sense of a love interest being very backward in coming forward. However, it’s not a case of, ‘out of sight out of mind’ since I get a strong sense of them pining for you!

They realise that they have made a big mistake in going cold but at the same time they are shown to be extremely stubborn. It’s not long now before their passions take control of their stubbornness and then they will reach out to you!

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Madam Fate – As I was shuffling the 3 of swords flew out the pack and this is all about frustrations and heartache! I’m also getting that 3’s a crowd and that a third party is causing a lot of interference. They can see that a mutual love interest is much more interested in you and they are extremely jealous of you! They are getting desperate and resorting to manipulation, emotional blackmail and even black magic!

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Mysti – Hello my dear well the past few weeks haven’t been the best have they and in a way I feel you are praying that 2019 goes away as it honestly has been so full of ups and downs and you have simply had enough – however although you feel stuck in this rut right now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I get the hermit card and I am drawn to the light that guides and leads him away from the darkness and towards something new and far better for him and I know this is a strong message you are walking towards a much better period of your life and this is coming very soon – so be patient.

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This is a fascinating first card, for you.. It feels you already, know someone, who you have met in the past, perhaps close to and had a romance with this person, or you wish to have this romance take place. At this moment in time, he may not be around you, there is a distance, but this card reversed, shows a reversal of fortune for you. It means when we are feeling spiritually low, in hope, that there is reversal in the cards literally, also financially, a reversal of fortune, meaning money will come back to you, but the area that I do see for you as I am focusing on this area is romance. A clear indication, someone is wanting to come back to you, and there is a real sign it can happen.

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Jane – I drew a crystal guidance message for you today and the crystal that I have is lapis lazuli. This Is a beautiful stone that was used by the ancient Egyptians for many things. It may help with communication, wisdom, strength, and courage so it is a wonderful energy to have around you today.

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