A critical step in a ritual is creating intentions, writing them down and then reading them out. They follow three golden rules with this visualization technique: being positive, showing gratitude, and writing in the present tense.

 More on Intentions

Intentions are like the title to what you want, and visualization forms the whole story. It’s always a good idea to be in a positive frame of mind when visualizing, and guided meditation can help put you in the perfect state of mind.

Visualization Techniques

Guided Meditation Idea

The idea behind visualization is that if you can picture what you want on the inside, it will manifest on the outside. The more detailed the visualization, the better it’s not just about seeing something. It’s also about feeling, hearing, smelling and touching!

 Guided Meditation Ideas


Example 1 – Attracting Ideal Partner

‘I am happy my ideal partner is in my life.’

The next step is to break it down and use all your senses.

Visualization Technique: Imagine seeing your ideal partner. See the colour of your idea partner’s eyes and hair. Are they tall or short, big or think? Hear them whisper sweet nothings. Feel yourself in their arms and imagine the smell of perfume or aftershave.


Example 1 – ‘Clearing Negativity

It would have been tempting to write the intention as;

‘I am grateful I have cleared the negativity.’

However, the universe would pick up on the word ‘negativity’, and that’s what you would get back! The outside is like a reflection of the inside! The visualization would follow suit, so you would have to imagine what it would be like to be free of this negativity. A positive way to write would be as follows;

I am grateful I am feeling peaceful.’


Imagine how you would feel. What you would be able to do with this newfound freedom. See it, touch it, feel it and hear it!


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