Optimize your brain to achieve all of your life and love goals

Playing this audio on a low unobtrusive volume can help attract and achieve all of your life and love goals and aspirations …..

Here is your free 5 minute sample. Please insure you are not driving or operating machinery when listening! Feel the blocks start to clear!

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As the co-founder of the Institute of Mind and Life Advancement (IMALA) I have conducted extremely extensive work into brainwave entrainment and other mind and life advancing modalities.

A very specialist IMALA audio has been compiled as part of my life’s work at IMALA, to optimize your brain to optimize your life on all levels.

Playing this audio on a low unobtrusive volume can help attract and achieve all of your life and love goals and aspirations …..

This amazing IMALA audio contains entrainments such as:

Solfeggio frequency for soul mates and true love:
This amazing IMALA Audio contains the Solfeggio Frequency (639Hz) (true love and soul mate frequency) which when played in the company of a loved one, will help to fix you both on the ‘soul mate’ frequency!

Schumann Resonance frequency:
The IMALA Audio also contains the Schumann Resonance Frequency (7.83Hz) (Earth Frequency) which optimises your brain to absorb knowledge and enhance memory and learning, which is a must for students!

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) a famous genius, as well as a theoretical physicist, was a genius because it is believed that he used both hemisphere’s of his brain in synchronicity and thus to its optimum capacity, hence he achieved greatly and was able to make a very significant and notable contribution to the world of science.

Absorb and retain knowledge:
Playing the IMALA audio whilst you are studying would be very beneficial, as it will help you to absorb and to retain knowledge.

Pass exams and driving tests:
This amazing IMALA audio has helped many to pass their exams, driving tests, and both their theory driving test and their practical driving test and played on the morning of any test will really help too!

Optimize your brain to optimize your life!
If your brain is working at a higher more optimized level, you can achieve so much more and with greater ease too. Optimise your brain to optimize your life – this is exactly what this amazing IMALA audio can do for you!

Solutions to life’s problems:
You will see things more clearly, from using the amazing IMALA audio like solutions to life’s problems, and your stress level is less as things become easier.

Health problems and healing:
The IMALA audio can help with health problems too, as it can help in not only re-balancing your mind, body and spirit, but it can optimize you on all levels to facilitate more high power and healthy functioning. Organs and the many aspects of brain functionality are helped too. It is also a heal-all too, to helping optimizing and restoring your health and well-being (but you must not abandon your use of mainstream medicine, treatment or prescribed medication).

Stress relief from using the IMALA audio:
Brain entrainment can help to restore your brain to a more positive working frequency whilst enhancing it to a more dynamic and advanced frequency enabling us to handle stress, and life problems with greater ease.

A download link and clear and detailed instructions for use will be sent to you once ordered.

Are you ready for an amazing future?

Are you ready for the life you deserve?

If so then this is the audio for you! It is positively life changing and works immediately.

I care because YOU matter.

Love, light & peace


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