Psychic Readings 14 April

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Amie – The struggles are going to start going in around two weeks time and you will start to feel more grounded and clearer about things. I am seeing you getting recognition and praise from someone and I am also seeing a reconciliation coming forward from someone from the past.

Love audio reading

A recorded love audio reading looking into your current and future love situation sent to you via email.

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only £25.25

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Amie x

‘My audio reading from Amie Louise was Amazing! She has such a wonderful gift. It’s like she’s right there watching everything my love interest is doing. I am completely in awe of her. Thank you, Amie Louise’

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Eddie – Your Daily Reading

Karrissa – I can see some good news on the way this month where all your efforts are shown to pay off! A blast from the past will soon reappear in your life! I feel a soulmate and that you have been seeing signs around this connection!

3 Question Special
Detailed Answers
with Tarot & Ball

Need answers to burning issues?

Not just Yes and No answers but full answers using my crystal ball and tarot!

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Big Hugs,
Karrissa x

‘Karrissa has always given me interesting readings, but boy is she direct and accurate! Thank you’

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Madame Fate – I can see a fly in the ointment in the sense that things were going along just fine until someone put a spanner in the works! However, I sense a major revelation that puts things back on track!

Obsession Love Spell ( Includes Picture) + Update + Reading

Powerful Love Spell that includes a picture of the ritual.

Please supply your love interest’s first name so I can right it down on paper for ritual. (Otherwise I will write your name and ‘love interest’)

Picture is upon request and you will need to supply email address.

Includes reading and update. x

Special Offer
only £21.21

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Madame Fate x

‘Best reading yet this lady is truly gifted she read the situation as it is perfectly and her prediction was so on the mark I have goosebumps worth every penny and more amazing reader. Absolutely no information given at all apart from names just wow !!!’

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Masked Reader – Today there is an air of mystery around you and I think someone is watching you and wondering what is going on in your head. I know you keep asking what they are thinking but they are also wondering what is on your mind too. Their manner is that they are seeking a positive reaction so they can possibly reach out and make a move so make it a little clearer you are open to this


Will your rain turn to sunshine?

If things are tough right now this reading looks at what is coming up and will things change for the better.

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel gives us hope and that will help to ease that pin you feel right now.

Special OfferOnly £22.22
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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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