Psychic Readings 16 April

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Amie – I am seeing you will have to make a choice between two people. Someone is a new person and the other is someone who has been in your life for quite some time. The next five weeks are going to be interesting more revelations will come forward.

Love audio reading

A recorded love audio reading looking into your current and future love situation sent to you via email.

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Amie x

‘My audio reading from Amie Louise was Amazing! She has such a wonderful gift. It’s like she’s right there watching everything my love interest is doing. I am completely in awe of her. Thank you, Amie Louise’

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Eddie – Your Daily Reading

This is Skye and Luna bringing you today’s special insight. The Skye is cleaning today she is attacking the cobwebs that have gathered in the corners and that sparked a message just for you. The cobwebs fine lines are very delicate and beautiful, but they are also very strong and can capture the prey. If you are worrying, that that special person is beyond your grasp, as you are not strong enough, this is a message that even things look impossible can achieve anything.. Be a little braver every day, and see your dreams become reality. We see from a tiny spark, a flame forming so love is on its way.

Are They Your Soulmate?


Is that special person your soul mate or is it just part of your journey to meet your true soul connection?

Let us join together and see.

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Skye & Luna

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Masked Reader – Let’s take a look at the Angel cards today for a change. We have the card Be Assertive and it’s showing me it’s finally time for you to stop being a walkover here. Don’t let anyone feel they have the power over you to influence your life or keep you under their control. You are now seeing that allowing others to make or persuade choices that you aren’t entirely happy with is now causing you issues and sadness so now is the time to break free be assertive and make decisions based on your own needs and happiness. Now is perfect timing and the outcomes are positive.


Will your rain turn to sunshine?

If things are tough right now this reading looks at what is coming up and will things change for the better.

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel gives us hope and that will help to ease that pin you feel right now.

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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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You have shown such wonderful patience, through real testing times, but your faith in your loved one, is starting to show signs now, that the movement I see there, is a move in your direction. A very positive great sign. Good news, as something is certainly on their mind.

What are they thinking?

An in depth look at your silent love interest. The thoughts towards you and their plans for the future. With the thoughts do they plan to have you as part of their future? All questions answered and very welcome.

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Love and light. 

‘I can’t fault Neal he has my 100% trust his readings are always on point and spot on and takes the time to answer any questions thank you Neal for your fab readings xx.’

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