Psychic Readings 16 March

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Madame Fate – the tower card threw itself out of pack and this shows something catastrophic that happened recently. One day everything was going on along just fine and the next your whole world came crashing down! Can it be rebuilt?

SPECIAL -Clear Everything in the Way Spell + Crystal Ball Reading

Powerful Spell using Church Incense and Anointed Red Love Candles! This spell will help clear everything in the way of you and your love interest being together! 

Spell Cast Tonight with Update and Reading sent within 24 hours x

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Madame Fate x

‘Best reading yet this lady is truly gifted she read the situation as it is perfectly and her prediction was so on the mark I have goosebumps worth every penny and more amazing reader. Absolutely no information given at all apart from names just wow !!!’

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Ron – The cards I have drawn are The Six Of Cups, The Queen Of Wands and The Ace Of Cups.

These cards show me that you will begin a new relationship in the near future or you shall find that passion you once had in a current relationship. The Ace Of Cups does indicate new beginnings so I feel it will be a new relationship. You will be greatly attracted to this person and them to you. I feel it will make you very happy and emotional content. You are so affected by your emotions that this is very important to you. I feel that you have felt alone for so long that you need this connection.

I also see that there is a situation in your family you need to take care off. I feel that you are a person who likes to be in charge of things and you do feel as if someone in your family may be in some kind of difficulties and you need to help them and advise them. This will involve you taking charge of them and saying what you think.

Lucky Black Cat Tarot Reading

This reading shall show you the true you

With the power of the lucky black cat shall you know this

Know where you are going and your greatest strengths

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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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A top enterprising beautiful card, that shows you that your wishes for a better future, especially in love will indeed happen for you, alongside the prospect of coming into a great money windfall. This man who you do love, will come forward when you least expect it. Which will warm your heart with massive joy and happiness.

What exactly is in your love interests mind? let’s see what’s going on and what plans they have about their silence, and that distance at present. Do not worry.

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Love and light

‘I can’t fault Neal he has my 100% trust his readings are always on point and spot on and takes the time to answer any questions thank you Neal for your fab readings xx.’

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Karrissa – I’m using my erotic tarot deck today and have gotten the Lust Card! This shows that a love interest is lusting over you. Even though they are shown to be cold and distant behind the scenes they can’t stop thinking about you! I can see them pacing up and down and it’s just a matter of time before they reach out to you! 

Their Naughty Thoughts about You!

I will tune into your love interest and pick up their naughty fantasies about you! This is in great detail with no holds barred!

Please supply email and a number from 1 to 5, with 1 being tame and 5 extremely erotic!

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Big Hugs,
Karrissa x

‘Karrissa has always given me interesting readings, but boy is she direct and accurate! Thank you’

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Masked Reader – I see a tornado has blown through your life and torn things apart recently and it’s feeling hard to rebuild what’s been destroyed but the sun is coming out on the horizon showing that you have the strength to rebuild what has been torn down. This is a sign of hope so don’t give up.


Has their behaviour changed?

Is this what they want or is someone else forcing them to act this way?

Is someone blowing hot and cold or pushed you away?

Is this what they really want or are they having to keep someone else happy?

This reading looks behind the scenes and looks at whether their actions are their own or forced on them by someone around them.

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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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