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Rainha – Are you wondering if he even misses you? The silence is deafening. It’s been weeks of no communication, as if he fell off the face of the Earth! Surprisingly, he does miss you, although you would never know it by the Artic Chill you feel lately. Heart and Cross show he is even lovesick over you.
What’s next? Will he do anything about it? Or, is he waiting for you to go first? How will you ever reconcile if you can’t even get a one word text?

Ask Rainha for insight here. Don’t waste more time wondering about this painful love endlessly, get the truth today!

Is Love in the Air?

This is a Full Tarot reading. The guides will tell you everything you need to know right now about your love life & love future.

Get deep insight, hidden clues, revelations.

Find out who is interfering, is he in love with you?

Will he speak up and profess…..

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‘Always amazing results, my go to reader always accurate and honest, highly recommend lovely lady x’

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Tracylyn – You confused, he says he loves you but he is distant. 

You in a relationship with a man who you love, very much. You have fallen for this person 100%, he on the other hand sends very mixed signals. You feel that he loves you, but he stays so distant, almost like he keeps you at arms length. 

You concerned about the strength of your relationship at the moment. The man that you love has gone from someone you know, to almost being stranger. He is quiet, and he is not communicating with you, to let you know what’s going on. He is not even making an excuse for his behavior. You intuition is telling you something is wrong. 

I do feel he is preoccupied, but don’t jump to conclusions, he is a deep thinker and there are a lot of emotions going on around him and within him, that he is not used to. I do feel you will be able to resolve this issue. Try to be strong and patient, and because you meant to be together, no matter what this issue is, you will get through it.

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Love Interests Innermost Thoughts about You!
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Love and blessings to you,
Tracylyn x

‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

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Jane – In your tarot reading today I have drawn the five of cups for you. I always think of this as the do I stay or do I go card, so you may find yourself feeling a little confused today. Take your time and listen to what your heart is telling you.

Full Audio love reading Tarot and Oracle

Wondering what is happening with your love life? I am offering a full tarot and oracle card reading, 8 cards drawn to look at love for you. You can ask a question or give me a person to focus on. 

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Jane x

“A lovely lady had another lovely reading from Jane thank you very much and spot on”

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Masked Reader – In the mirror today, I see you looking at yourself and initially you look as if you stand alone, but behind you in shadow there is a second person . if you are alone or feel alone right now This shows somebody is looking to step into your energy and gets to know you a lot better. There is an arm reaching you offering support and there is a flutter of hearts surrounding this arm. I do feel that somebody around you wants to reach out and offer you their love and show how much they care but as they are in shadow, they are taking their time to make a move. When I ask for specifics in timing, I get a clock showing three. This person will come forward within the next three months and make their intentions very clear. Be ready.


Who is interfering in your relationship or stopping your love interest falling for you?

This reading will look at who is standing in your way

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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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Skye & Luna – Today we are sending crystal healing to you using black tourmaline. There has been a buildup of negative energy around you of late, mostly coming off of other people who want to offload their worries anxieties and issues at your door. Because you have been kind and tried to help you are now feeling a bit low in energy because their baggage is weighing you down. We are using the crystal to pull some of this negativity off of you and then finishing with a clear quartz to finish clearing and brightening your energy. Now close your eyes. Breathe in and out five times and work with us. as you breathe in, imagine you are inhaling pure white light; and as you exhale breathe out all of the dark, negativity and release. as you finish the final exhalation open your eyes and spirit for helping you cleanse. Hope this helps boost your energy and mood.



This weekend ask any 3 questions and we will take it in turn to find the answers you seek.

We love to combine our energy to give you insight let us look and see what we find

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Skye & Luna

‘First reading with Skye and Luna oh wow it made me cry the depth they told me things which I never said got it thank you both so much will come back again x’

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Ron – The cards I have drawn are The Knight Of Cups, The Ten Of Swords and The Star.

The Knight Of Cups shows me you have a great deal of emotion in you just now and I feel you want to move away from the past and look toward the future. I do feel that you have had difficulties in your life in terms of emotions and you have found these are difficult.

The Ten Of Swords shows pain in your life and i feel this may have to do with a relationship, the ending of this is still causing you difficulties.

The Star however is a positive card, this shows me that you are person who is always looking at the positive side and trying to visualize that things will get better in your future. You do have strong connection to spirit and you feel that by trusting the universe to bring you positivity that it shall do so. You are also try to understand more about yourself and this is helping you regain balance in your life.

Is My Ex Going To Come Back To Me Tarot Reading

This reading looks at the issues in the relationship and how to overcome them and if you and tour ex are going to reunite.

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Their Innermost Thoughts about You!
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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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