Psychic Readings 2 July

Moira – This is one of those times in life when you’re on a roll and everything you touch turns to gold, if your wondering when’s the best moment to make necessary changes in your lives ,now-now is the perfect time it’s the right time to move forwards, take it slow and steady one step at a time. This is a prosperous time we’re in take advantage of this unique perfectly timed timing,keep the faith and trust your inner senses. Any further delays is you procrastinating now isn’t the time to dither.

Using the power of my tarot cards and clairvoyance I can delve deep into any area of concern. Quick reply

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‘Moira’s readings have a way of bringing me to a calm place. She explains poetically, compassionately and with speed. Thank you x’
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Dane – Your tarot reading is all about obtaining the deepest desire of your heart & soul. This comes after a time of great struggle & doubt. You’ve probably been feeling this time would never come. Don’t give up on your happiness. Your life is doing a 180.

Love Triangle Reading

Please provide zodiac signs, names, and your email address.

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‘Thank so much Dane. This is helpful and now i know what how handle everything ‘

Tracylyn – This message goes out to the woman, who feels her love relationship is hopeless. 

You are  in love with someone, but things are just not going well. Your person is so closed off, so blocked emotionally, that you don’t know where you stand anymore. You getting frustrated, you doubting whether he actually loves you, or wants to be with you. 

The energy shows he loves you very much, there is no doubt about that. The doubt is when it comes to his commitment. He wants to move forward with you, but something is holding him back. I feel that this hesitation is from his past, and it’s something he has to work out on his own. But once he does , you will have a successful relationship. Give him time, be patient and you won’t regret it.

If you feel this is your situation, 
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Love and blessings to you,
Tracylyn x

‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

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Skye & Luna – Todays card is the Moon so be careful with what you are feeling today as when this card comes out it can mean things are not as they seem right now and there are unseen factors at play here. Take a step back and wait until you have the whole picture and do not get upset by what is in front of you as things will become clearer very soon.

NEW Flower Oracle

Messages are sent through the power of flowers.

This new oracle deck is both beautiful and insightful.

See what messages come in for you with this lovely new method of reading for you.

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Many blessings

Skye & Luna

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‘Skye & Luna are incredible & pick up on everything so accurately. They always give me great advice & guidance. Amazing as always! Thank you x’

Ron – You love a person and ask why they have not contacted you. You wish to change what has gone before and for your worry to control the situation.It cannot do this and only hinders success in any matter.

In love the heart must be light and fly for only such can the feeling of love come back. What is broken cannot be the same again for this change is permanent and it can only present another reality

Hecate Channelled Reading And Spell

Hecate is the witches goddess and she is the goddess of magic and the dark moon She can help with love and matters that are holding you back. I shall cast a spell with Hecate and contact her to give you a message in her words. Seek the liminal to find the answer.

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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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