Psychic Readings 2 June

Divine Whispers11 – I’m seeing a heart and man in my visions today , I see the man looking back into the past with feelings of sadness and regret . I see them reaching out for something or someone but it is unreachable to them I feel this could symbolise you they are trying to reach but there is some faint obstacles in the pathway between u both. I’m seeing blocks here and this stops them from taking the steps to come forward or towards you .

If you wish to find out more of what exactly these blockages are i can tap into the telepathic energy’s and reach your persons subconscious mind to reveal this to you.

Tracylyn – Will they contact me again and when ?

Why have they gone cold ? pulled back or ghosting you ?

Would you like to know if you will hear from that special someone again. Maybe you would like your ex to reach out to you again or maybe your new love interest has pulled back and gone cold. We can have a look and see what the future holds. I will use my special timing spread to give you as much detail as possible and an estimated timeframe too along with the divine whispers love messages cards to channel there true feelings and thoughts.

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“First reading off this lady amazing reading xx”

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I know it hurts, but it’s not over .

Your person has walked away from this connection…This may even be a no contact situation at the moment. You sitting in so much confusion that you don’t even know, how they feel for you anymore. This person sabotaged this connection and created a separation they didn’t want. 

 I am getting such a strong energy that your person is taking steps, they need to make this situation better. Even though they may not say it with their words, they do have strong feelings for you.  I do have strong faith and hope; that there is a positive change coming. Dont give up !

If you feel this is your situation ✨️ please feel free, to click on the link below to purchase a full reading. 

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Love and blessings to you,
Tracylyn x

‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

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Madam Destiny – Your card is the 2 OF WANDS REVERSED. In this divination, thou hast drawn the 2 of Wands, but lo, it is reversed. The symbolism here doth present a message most profound, veiled in the mystic essence of this inverted card. ‘Tis a moment ripe with the promise of discovery and the forging of new paths. Thy mind, quickened by ambition, dost ponder the realms beyond thy ken. Thou art poised upon the threshold, where action and contemplation do intertwine. This be the juncture where thou must weigh thy choices, forsooth, and set thy course with resolve and foresight. Breakthrough is upon you, my dearest. I see a choice between love, choice between passion, and a choice between staying or leaving….which one will you choose?

LOVE LETTER from the Object of your Affection

Dearest Seeker of the Heart’s True Desire, In this hallowed moment, you stand at the threshold of a wondrous revelation. As the moon’s tender glow bathes the night in silvery splendour, so too shall this missive illuminate the ardent yearnings of the one who dwells within your deepest affections.

Know ye, that what lies herein is no mere ink upon parchment, but the very whispers of a soul entwined with thine own.

Prepare, gentle heart, to receive a love letter penned by fate itself, channelled through the mystic arts and guided by the stars.

Each word, each sentiment, is a reflection of the tender thoughts and secret passions held by the object of your desire. With reverence and anticipation, let us journey together through the veil of time and space, to unearth the hidden truths that bind your spirits in a dance as old as eternity, “but ne’er may it be spoken of.”

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Ester – Your Free Love Reading is on the link below!

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Meilleurs VœuxEster x

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‘Ester is an amazing person. She is good at what she do. My reading was ready within the next two hours. The reading gave me a lot of clarity and my overall feeling after listening to the reading is positive. Thank You, Ester.’

Ron – The cards I have drawn are The Eight Of Wands, The Ace Of Disks and The Six Of Cups. These cards show me that much positive energy shall enter your life in the near future. I see that things shall change and this shall happen quickly. The Ace Of Disks shows me that your money situation has been worrying you and you shall see an improvement there this shall be the result of money coming to you that you do not expect. I also see from The Six Of Cups that there is possibility of new relationship, this card indicates great attraction and although it is difficult to see where it shall lead you shall see confidence and happiness come to you as the result of this.

Twin Flames Reading

This reading shall tell you who your twin flame is and when you shall meet them.

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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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Masked Reader – There’s love in the air as I can see hearts in my tea leaves but as they are faint this is love around you that you may not be aware of.  You may be yearning for love and waiting for love but it’s there.  It may not be clear right now but it’s there.  I also see a star shape forming above the heart so there is clarity is coming and there is hope there too.  Have faith as no matter how you feel today there is love there for you.



Wondering who is thinking of you right now?

This reading looks at who has you on their mind and what they really want from you.

How can you let them know you are into them too?
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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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This does show no matter how quiet this person has been towards you, that what goes around will come around, and it means that the love of your life, yes your love interest will return in a better more communicative way, that does suggest you have definitely not heard the last from your love interest.

What are they thinking?

An in depth look at your silent love interest. The thoughts towards you and their plans for the future. With the thoughts do they plan to have you as part of their future? All questions answered and very welcome.

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Love and light. 

‘I can’t fault Neal he has my 100% trust his readings are always on point and spot on and takes the time to answer any questions thank you Neal for your fab readings xx.’

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