Psychic Readings 25 Feb

Moira – Two cards came out today. Nine & Ten of Pentacles
Completions, endings and new beginnings within your physical/material life, so this is relating to your home, possessions, finances, work or health, the nine of pentacles can be implying more time to appreciate the world around you, due to overcoming the previous obstacles, it can also be a retirement card and the Ten asks you to enjoy this time, reflect on what you have achieved, notice the worth in all that you have, not just the financial worth as you understand so much more has greater value than any amount of money and then take time to decide on what you are wanting to do next.

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‘Moira’s readings have a way of bringing me to a calm place. She explains poetically, compassionately and with speed. Thank you x’
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Love Moira 💓

Tracylyn – What is going on with your person 

I’m going to start this message off about talking about your emotional state, I feel you not in a good place at the moment. Your love situation has caused you a tremendous amount of stress. Nothing feels right without your person. I feel the problems just seeped in and caused a distance or seperation. 

This has been really hard on you and it may seem like they doing OK, but they not. I feel they don’t know how to approach the situation with you. This is a very intense connection and their feelings for you are just as strong as your feelings for them. I do sense a shift in your person behavior and you won’t have to continue to go through the ups and downs.

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Love and blessings to you,
Tracylyn x

‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

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Karen – Todays cards, The King of cups, this card represents a person who is gentle, emotional and shy. The following card is the Queen of cups in reverse. This person is bored and lacking in motivation and doesn’t have the energy to take on new tasks at the moment.

Are you in need of break from your usual routine? Are you looking for new opportunities to bring back enthusiasm and have something to look forward to? I will draw 5 tarot cards taking a look at your situation. Feel free to ask up to two questions.

Your written reading will be sent by E-mail within 48 hours at the latest.

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Blessings, Karen ❤

‘Karen was excellent would definitely recommend a reading with Karen.’

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Karrissa – Your card today is the 8 of cups reversed that shows something emotional building up again! It’s a feeling that things reached rock bottom but sense a reconciliation on the way! This is due to a resolution around some major sticking points!

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Big Hugs,
Karrissa x

‘Karrissa has always given me interesting readings, but boy is she direct and accurate! Thank you’

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Amie – Your Free Audio is on the link below.

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‘Excellent as always would highly recommend this incredibly talented lady.’

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Masked Reader – The Moon is today’s card for you and it’s a complex and strange card to predict as it is exactly that energy coming in – difficult and hard to predict. Be prepared for anything when this card comes out for you and expect a few ups and downs but always remember this moon influence is very short-lived so things will change going forwards.



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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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