Psychic Readings 27 Feb

Moira – Message from spirit for today. The abundance you desire is on its way! I have drawn the Judgement card today. It symbolizes awakening, renewal, a well-lived life, better health, and a quickened mind. It can mean that you have to face a challenge head on, and make the changes required to succeed. You are ready to be judged and come out the other side. It is time to let go of the things that are holding you back, and step forward into your future.

In separation Love Reading ❤️

This reading will concentrate on your love interest and if there are signs of reconciliation

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‘Moira’s readings have a way of bringing me to a calm place. She explains poetically, compassionately and with speed. Thank you x’
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Love Moira 💓

Karen – The Heirophant represents an official situation going on around you. The 7 of wands shows frustrations and that you are on top of this situation. You have got this!

Full Love Reading

I will pull 5 tarot cards taking a look into your situation.

Feel free to ask up to two questions. Your written reading will be sent over by E-mail within 48 hours at the latest.

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Only £25
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Blessings, Karen ❤

‘Karen was excellent would definitely recommend a reading with Karen.’

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Karrissa – Your card today is the moon that shows you being pulled two ways around an issue! I keep hearing the lyrics, ‘should I stay or should I go’ regarding your issue! Something comes to light that gives you the needed clarity to make the correct choice!

3 Question SPECIAL OFFER – Tarot & Crystal Ball

I will answer any 3 questions using the tarot and crystal ball.

Only £19.19
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Big Hugs,
Karrissa x

‘Karrissa has always given me interesting readings, but boy is she direct and accurate! Thank you’

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Amie – Your Free Audio is on the link below.

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Full Love Reading

Only £22.22
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‘Excellent as always would highly recommend this incredibly talented lady.’

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Masked Reader – I’m shown a triangle and it’s pretty much your situation right now.  Sharing is never fun and for you it’s turning into a bit of a nightmare.  Is it time to shake this all up and see what falls out? Do you have the strength to do this? Time will tell.



Are you really sure what they are saying is true? Are they hiding things or is what they say a heap of lies?

With this reading tell me who to focus on and I will see if they are someone to trust or whether you have anything to be aware of.

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Only £22.22
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New Reading
Love Interest’s Innermost Thoughts 😉 
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‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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Love & Light

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