Psychic Readings 29 June

Moira – The energy of this card today is procrastination. Procrastination I believe is due to fear and being afraid of change. Often this stems from a fear of success or failure. Sometimes we want things to be perfect before we begin but there’s no such thing as perfection. All we can do is our best, however often we find we are our worst critic when it comes to what we do. Our best way to overcome this is to just begin. We do not learn, we do not grow and we do not move forward without getting out of our comfort zone. It’s time to face the shadow of yourself, the doubting Thomas that says you don’t already have the knowledge and skills to succeed at what your heart truly desires… because you know you do. It doesn’t mean you won’t need to keep improving your skills or practice what you do, but you can begin now. We all need to start somewhere and if you keep putting it off, the only regret you will have is not having a go. As they say, we don’t go to our death beds regretting what we did, but what we didn’t do. We all have wonderful gifts and abilities to share with the world… utilize the energy of this and begin.
Now it’s time to trust yourself.

Using the power of my tarot cards and clairvoyance I can delve deep into any area of concern. Quick reply

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‘Moira’s readings have a way of bringing me to a calm place. She explains poetically, compassionately and with speed. Thank you x’
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Curandera Maria Magdalena Rosa – Are you ignoring the blessings of love that the universe offers you? Are you caught in a cycle of dissatisfaction, yearning for something just out of reach? Today is an energy of a daydreamer. Someone who is trying to avoid “the morning after the night before”, and discovering a reality of a love triangle.

Ask me Anything Tarot and Spirit Reading

Welcome, Queridos, to “Ask Me Anything: Tarot and Spirit Reading” with the revered Mexican Curandera Maria Magdalena Rosa, as a skilled healer and spiritual guide from the Sierra Madre mountains. Whether you’re seeking clarity on personal matters, spiritual direction, or simply curious about the mysteries of the Universe, join me for an enlightening session where no question is too big or small. Open your heart and mind, and let the wisdom of the Tarot and Spirits illuminate your path. This is a written reading and will be sent to an email of your choice.

Please do not forget to include your email address, full name and D.O.B. Thank you, my dear soul.

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Curandera Maria Magdalena Rosa 

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Ron – The Four Of Disks means earthly power and order.

This shows me you are looking for a practical person who is down to earth and is willing to look at any problems and not leave of things get difficult. I do feel this is what has happened in the past. You are looking for someone who appreciates the real you and is not out only for themselves.

Twin Flames Reading

This reading shall tell you who your twin flame is and when you shall meet them.

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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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Madam Destiny – Within the tumultuous dance of the five wands, we find a union fraught with challenges, where passions clash like titans amidst a stormy sea. Time speaks of the ardour that burns brightly, yet is not without its trials. It heralds a love that is vibrant and alive, yet marked by the fiery clash of wills. Verily, Five being a number of change, chaos doth loom on the horizon. The ceaseless clash and strife hath left all weary and disheartened. Staves and arms are laid aside in a bid for accord. Folk begin to heed each other’s counsel and adopt diverse ways. It may require dire straits ere any endeavour is made to seek resolution. Deem not that thou art merely engaging thy foe in direct confrontation, for they may well have their retinue concealed beyond yon crest. Proceed with utmost caution.

Is this love? Is he/she genuine or is he/she a scammer?

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‘Great reading my first one with Madam Destiny will definitely come back again thank you x’

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Ester – Your Free Love Reading is on the link below!

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Meilleurs VœuxEster x

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‘Ester is an amazing person. She is good at what she do. My reading was ready within the next two hours. The reading gave me a lot of clarity and my overall feeling after listening to the reading is positive. Thank You, Ester.’

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