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  • Psychic Readings 21 May

    Psychic Readings 21 May

    Divine Whispers11 – The Magician Tarot Card is about extroversion, action and you have the power to create and make things happen! Once you become aware of the full extent of your own power, nothing can stand in your way of manifesting what you truly want. Go ahead turn these thoughts and plans into action

  • Psychic Readings 20 May

    Psychic Readings 20 May

    Divine Whispers11 – Today the card I have for u is the The Magician (one of the best cards in the deck ) i feel that at present you have the power, skill and focus to make a project or plan that u have been working on for the past few months  take off all

  • Psychic Readings 19 May

    Psychic Readings 19 May

    Divine Whispers11 – The card I have for you from the moonology  deck is :Have faith in your dreams!  You have a goal a dream that you are working towards at this present time.  Whether it be work or personal life goals and dreams , just know that all the steps you are taking no matter

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