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  • Psychic Readings 5th Dec

    Psychic Readings 5th Dec

    Madam Mystery – As I look deep within my ball I can see your love interest pacing up and down not knowing what to do! His heart wants to reach out though his stubbiness is holding him back! He thinks about you constantly and imagines what he would love to do with you in an intimate way!  Lust

  • Psychic Readings 4th Dec

    Psychic Readings 4th Dec

    Madam Mystery – Your card is the temperance reversed that shows an imbalance around a situation. I sense someone has been taking you for granted and the more you give the more they seem to take. The feeling here is that you have been putting in so much more than what you have gotten back

  • Psychic Readings 3rd Dec

    Psychic Readings 3rd Dec

    Madam Mystery – One moment they were really into you and then the next moment they turned into Mr Snowman and as cold as ice! However, the fact that they backed off doesn’t mean they aren’t still into you! They are! But their stubbiness and ego is preventing them from reaching out to you! They see sharing

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