Psychic Readings 19 May

Divine Whispers11 – The card I have for you from the moonology  deck is :Have faith in your dreams!  You have a goal a dream that you are working towards at this present time.  Whether it be work or personal life goals and dreams , just know that all the steps you are taking no matter how small they may seem are leading you to achieving the desired outcome. On the days things seem overwhelming just keep focused on the outcome you desire . Picture this in your mind and imagine your goal or dream is already a reality !  All the work you put into it will surely pay off in the end and your dreams can and will become a reality . Keep one foot in front of the other and believe in yourself you can do this 💫Manifest your deepest desires with my new Neuro frequency spell sessions which create potent energy’s and manifestation of your desires or help attract a specific person /bring back an ex or invite new love into your life .

The audio which is used during the spell casting will be sent to you to listen to each day and this will attune to the frequency of your spell helping you to align with your desires
This way, you accelerate and amplify the results of the spell .

You will be sent the mp3 audio Recording which as used while casting your spell , along with spell feedback and an oracle reading .

My spells are always bespoke and tailored to your situation and can take around 3/4 days to complete.

I will need :
Your name
Name of lover /love interest
star sign or date of birth .
Email address to send the audio , spells feedback and picture of spell.

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“Venus really is such an accurate reader , her approach is very calm and the way she described my situation was spot on .. I will confidently recommend Venus to anyone who needs clarity on their situation”

“First reading off this lady amazing reading xx”

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There is a time when you will both look back at this period and genuinely smile. Smile for the right reasons on that you were not together, but finding your way towards each other, through many obstacles., and the fact that your wishes will come true. So do not worry. I see a return.

What are they thinking?

An in depth look at your silent love interest. The thoughts towards you and their plans for the future. With the thoughts do they plan to have you as part of their future? All questions answered and very welcome.

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Love and light. 

‘I can’t fault Neal he has my 100% trust his readings are always on point and spot on and takes the time to answer any questions thank you Neal for your fab readings xx.’

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Ron – The cards I have drawn are The Ten Of Disks, The Magus and The Knight Of Wands.

These cards show me that you will begin something new in your life in the near future. I feel that this will be your own business. You are very creative and you shall apply this to this business. I feel you are also a very good manager and you will see that this pays off. The Ten Of Disks shows me that your money shall improve and you will be very happy about this. I do feel that finances have been worrying you.

I see that you have been looking for work or at least a way of making money.

I do feel that when i said a new business this would also mean a new job as the meaning of The Knight Of Wands is a new venture.

This shall happen through the result of your hard work in searching.

I do feel you sometimes feel unconfident but i should not do so as i feel you are a very competent person who can achieve anything that you seek to do.

Twin Flames Reading

This reading shall tell you who your twin flame is and when you shall meet them.

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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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Madam Destiny – 4 of Wands Reversed:

Hark, as the Four of Wands stands askew, reversed in its realm of trials anew. No longer does it herald joy’s embrace, but rather, shadows cast upon this space. In days of yore, when upright it did lay, a symbol of jubilance, bright as day. Yet now, inverted, its message turns dark, foretelling discord, a disrupted spark. Within the hearth’s glow, once danced delight, now obscured by shadows in the night. Foundations shaken, stability wanes, a warning tolls in these shifting planes. Beware, for celebration may deceive, as harmony falters, tensions conceive. Amidst the revelry, turmoil may brew, veiling truth in a cloak of misconstrue.

Is he coming back?

Ah, my dear, gather ’round and let Madame Destiny read the cards for you. Today, we embark on a journey into the mysteries of the heart, a quest to uncover the whispers of love lost and perhaps, love found once more. A question that tugs at the strings of hope and longing within us all. Now, take a deep breath, my dear, and let us shuffle the cards, for they hold the secrets of the universe, waiting to reveal themselves to those who seek guidance.

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‘Great reading my first one with Madam Destiny will definitely come back again thank you x’

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Ester – Your Free Love Reading is on the link below!

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Full Love Reading
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Meilleurs VœuxEster x

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‘Ester is an amazing person. She is good at what she do. My reading was ready within the next two hours. The reading gave me a lot of clarity and my overall feeling after listening to the reading is positive. Thank You, Ester.’

Eddie – Your Daily Reading

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