Psychic Readings 20 May

Divine Whispers11 – Today the card I have for u is the The Magician (one of the best cards in the deck ) i feel that at present you have the power, skill and focus to make a project or plan that u have been working on for the past few months  take off all the ingredients are there to be a success , 

But u are feeling powerless as u feel  u will fail! However, the magician is here to tell us that we all have the ability to tap into that focused, creative energy, even if we are not the go-getter type.

💫Manifest your deepest desires with my new Neuro frequency spell sessions which create potent energy’s and manifestation of your desires or help attract a specific person /bring back an ex or invite new love into your life .

The audio which is used during the spell casting will be sent to you to listen to each day and this will attune to the frequency of your spell helping you to align with your desires
This way, you accelerate and amplify the results of the spell .

You will be sent the mp3 audio Recording which as used while casting your spell , along with spell feedback and an oracle reading .

My spells are always bespoke and tailored to your situation and can take around 3/4 days to complete.

I will need :
Your name
Name of lover /love interest
star sign or date of birth .
Email address to send the audio , spells feedback and picture of spell.

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“Venus really is such an accurate reader , her approach is very calm and the way she described my situation was spot on .. I will confidently recommend Venus to anyone who needs clarity on their situation”

“First reading off this lady amazing reading xx”

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Ester – Your Free Love Reading is on the link below!

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Full Love Reading
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Meilleurs VœuxEster x

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‘Ester is an amazing person. She is good at what she do. My reading was ready within the next two hours. The reading gave me a lot of clarity and my overall feeling after listening to the reading is positive. Thank You, Ester.’

Tracylyn – Someone has heavy regrets. 

I pick up on a no contact situation, this person has a lot of pride and realizes that everything is not “fine” without you. They burying their emotions about you and I strongly sense they having a difficult time, reaching out to you. 

This person comes across as if they have their life together, and now they realizing they kind of running away from their emotions. When you thinking about this person, they thinking about you. As much as the energy seems confusing to you right now. I do feel they will reach out and the two of you will make things right again .

If you feel this is your situation, please click on the link below, for a more indepth reading  .

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Love and blessings to you,
Tracylyn x

‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

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There is definitely a sense of purpose coming back to you, regarding you and your love interest. It can be said that I see you meeting each other, face to face but also, progressing into more meaningful meetings, where love truly blossoms.

What are they thinking?

An in depth look at your silent love interest. The thoughts towards you and their plans for the future. With the thoughts do they plan to have you as part of their future? All questions answered and very welcome.

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Love and light. 

‘I can’t fault Neal he has my 100% trust his readings are always on point and spot on and takes the time to answer any questions thank you Neal for your fab readings xx.’

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Masked Reader – I am looking in the crystal ball for you today and there is a set of stairs heading upwards .  At the top of the stairs, I can see swirling mists with stars twinkling amongst it.  For me this symbolises wishes and dreams.  So what I have to say to you today is things are starting to get more positive in your life and even though it seems beyond your reach your dreams and wishes are about to come true.  Don’t give up as changed it’s just around the corner.



Wondering who is thinking of you right now?

This reading looks at who has you on their mind and what they really want from you.

How can you let them know you are into them too?
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Love & Light

‘Quick response time. Hoping for the best and and Waiting to see outcome. Seems to be honest first time he has read for me.’

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Madam Destiny – 9 of Swords:

In the dim light of the cosmos, nine swords pierce the air, casting shadows upon a restless spirit.
This card, wrought with turmoil and torment, warns of the tumultuous trials that besiege thee. ‘Tis a time of anxious thoughts, of fearsome imaginings that haunt the quiet hours of the night.
Beware, for the mind becomes a battlefield, where worries wage war against thy peace. ‘Tis a time when burdens weigh heavy upon thy heart when the weight of sorrow threatens to overwhelm thee.

Seeking some solace in the raging storm, trust in the spirit amongst confront. 

Why’s he/she distant and cold? Is he/she cheating?

Ah, dearie me, gather round, my lovelies, for a tale of hearts tangled and questions unanswered.

Now, perchance you’ve found yourself pondering thus: “Why’s he/she distant and cold? Is he/she cheating?” Ah, such weighty queries weigh upon the heart like boulders upon a weary traveller’s shoulders.

Let us unfurl the cards, my dears, and peer into the swirling mists of fate.

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‘Great reading my first one with Madam Destiny will definitely come back again thank you x’View all Readings

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