Psychic Readings 19th Nov

Bonus Reading from Mysti

Well today you are very much on someone’s mind and they are thinking about you very much. They are wondering whether to reach out and say hi and catch up so do not be surprised if someone you haven’t seen for a while shows up and appears out of the blue.  Just take it slowly though and don’t appear too eager to reply as I feel you have to remember they have left this a long time and you don’t want to seem too keen here.  Take a moment to gather your thoughts and find a way to respond for the best before you put anything in black and white and just ask yourselt why exactly are they in touch? What do they really want?

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Tracylyn – The energy between you and your person is feeling stagnant and its got you feeling down and frustrated. Your person seems unpredictable as If one moment you feeling close and the next moment he withdraws. You not sure what’s going on or how to fix it.

You love this person very much and this is why you have tolerated so much . However the more you tolerate, the further he is moving away- and this is a scary place for you.

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This is a very powerful, though exciting card, destined for you. It does clearly show that there is a man, regardless of this long distance, has always thought about you. The number 11 on the card, does take me back, to at least 11 months, and it shows he is full of regrets and actually treating you unfairly, in fact he feels he made some bad moves, and since then….. it has not been easy to fix the situation he brought on, I feel. It is hopeful though, as I see a man who would still like to reverse this situation back to goodness again.

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Amie – You are a natural born healer and many people come to you for advice and comfort. I am seeing a family man around you coming very important in your life and someone who will want to treat you right, this person is wise and has a lot of knowledge on life I do see this person been a little older or having an old soul but they will very much take care of you. You need to drop any negativity you have around you and seek support from those who are positive. I feel everyone’s negativity can drown you out sometimes so now is the time you need to be setting healthy boundaries.

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Masked Reader – Clouds are forming in the Crystal ball and it’s a warning to be cautious as a storm is on its way. It’s not clear what area of your life this will come in as like lightning it will just strike randomly. When this storm comes weather it batten down your hatches and ride it out without fear as every storm clears the way for something better. Let this energy come in and push what is not wanted anymore out of your life and you will see space for new coming in.

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Ron – The Seven Of Disks means disappointment and little gain for much labour. This is your relationship and how it did not bring you want you wanted or needed. You put all the effort into the relationship and got very little back and this has affected you emotionally and taken away a lot of your confidence. But despite this you still believe in love and you are still hopeful you shall meet someone new you can fall in love with and be happy.

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Jane – I have drawn a beautiful Angel card for you today and you have Archangel Michael. This is a great card as Archangel Michael is the Angel of protection. He is with you to help keep negativity at bay and to help you cut ties with any energy that no longer serves your highest good.

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