Psychic Readings 18th Nov

Bonus Reading from Mysti

The Lovers Oracle deck is at my side right now and I have pulled a card for today’s little piece of insight for you.  It is Wait! You are trying too hard! I feel this is pretty signifant right now because I feel that yes you are trying too hard to make things happen and you have to realise things have to be in the right place at the right time for this to come to you.  It may be time for you to think about stepping back from this for a short while and letting things shift around you.  Distract yourself with a new project and start to look at ways to focus on what you can change because this will help move the energy around you too! You know that famous saying “a watched kettle never boils” well it’s kind of the same with energy – so get distracted and things will soon be steamy and hot for you!

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Now, if destiny shines on yourself with this lovely card it tells you that understanding and hope for the future is with you and all around you. Insight, a real feeling of excitement, and new changes, which you have always wanted. Love and light.

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Amie – I am seeing some open communication coming your way around Christmas time from someone who has been hiding away. This talk is going to give you so much clarity and hope. I am also seeing by summer you will be in a new home which will be filled with so much love joy and happiness. Now is also the time to put yourself first and not bend over backwards for people who wouldn’t do the same for you. I am also seeing any stress or worry you have regarding any issues with children or children around you will be resolved in the new year. 

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Masked Reader – Everyone loves a bit of romance in their life and you are wondering where your share is. Well it’s staring you in the face as the King of Cups is sitting making soppy faces in your direction. Your secret admirer may be a bit too clingy for you however so maybe you need to wait for someone with a bit more spice.

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Ron – The card I have drawn is The Five Of Disks.
The meaning of this card is intense strain with inaction. This shows me that you need change in your life to be happy. I do have the feeling you have felt stuck for a long time and the excitement you wish to see is not there.  This is a time of change for you and this shall be brought about not only because this is the right time but also by determination from you and the application of this determination. It is only you that can make these changes 

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Jane – The tarot card that have drawn for you today is the world. This card often talks about completion- coming to the end of a cycle so that we are ready to start something new. It’s showing you today that something is now complete and with everything you have learned you are ready to move forward.

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