Psychic Readings 21 May

Divine Whispers11 – The Magician Tarot Card is about extroversion, action and you have the power to create and make things happen! Once you become aware of the full extent of your own power, nothing can stand in your way of manifesting what you truly want. Go ahead turn these thoughts and plans into action as there will be success!

💫Manifest your deepest desires with my new Neuro frequency spell sessions which create potent energy’s and manifestation of your desires or help attract a specific person /bring back an ex or invite new love into your life .

The audio which is used during the spell casting will be sent to you to listen to each day and this will attune to the frequency of your spell helping you to align with your desires
This way, you accelerate and amplify the results of the spell .

You will be sent the mp3 audio Recording which as used while casting your spell , along with spell feedback and an oracle reading .

My spells are always bespoke and tailored to your situation and can take around 3/4 days to complete.

I will need :
Your name
Name of lover /love interest
star sign or date of birth .
Email address to send the audio , spells feedback and picture of spell.

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“Venus really is such an accurate reader , her approach is very calm and the way she described my situation was spot on .. I will confidently recommend Venus to anyone who needs clarity on their situation”

“First reading off this lady amazing reading xx”

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Ester – Your Free Love Reading is on the link below!

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Full Love Reading
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Meilleurs VœuxEster x

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‘Ester is an amazing person. She is good at what she do. My reading was ready within the next two hours. The reading gave me a lot of clarity and my overall feeling after listening to the reading is positive. Thank You, Ester.’

Tracylyn – Your relationship is not over, it’s on pause.

I know what you going through right now, hurts so badly. You feel you in a never ending cycle of trying to move forward. You starting to lose hope completely and in the process, it’s effecting other areas of your life.  The person you love with all of your heart, has walked away from this connection.

I’m here to tell you that the Universe has a huge message for you. There is a massive shift happening in your life, because the Universe knows you have been trying to put the work back into yourself. Your person loves you very much, and the thought of love terrifies them. They do not know how to accept unconditional love and that’s what you bring to the table. Does this mean this relationship is over, absolutely not. But it does mean there are certain steps they need to go through and to accept commitment is ok, being loved is ok. Give it time, because it is worth it in the end. 
If you feel this is your situation ✨️ please click on the link below for a more indepth reading. 

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Love and blessings to you,
Tracylyn x

‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

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Ron – The card I have drawn is The Prince Of Cups. This month you may find that you are slightly irritable with people around you. I do feel that there is someone in your family that may annoyed you and you need to deal with them. You may try and control your emotions and think about things in a less emotional way to try and sort this situation out. You do have resentment and I do feel that this shall came out this month. You need to try and get in touch with your emotions and I do feel that you repressing them and this may stop you releasing the feelings that are making you feel trapped in a situation you do not like. You must be honest with this person and if you can the situation shall improve.

Twin Flames Reading

This reading shall tell you who your twin flame is and when you shall meet them.

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“Brilliant reading. Ron picked up most of the problems we are going through and assured me things will come right eventually. Would certainly recommend him ….. you won’t waste your money. MJ”

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Skye & Lunar – Today we are using our goddess cards and the card for you today is Athena and Inmer Wisdom. This is a message to listen to your gut instinct and not let others distract you from your path. You know certain people also take advantage of you and you allow it because you like to be the bigger person and do the right thing but it is now time to walk away from the ones who use you. This card asks you to listen to your gut and only trust those that you know deep down deserve it.

Are They Your Soulmate?


Is that special person your soul mate or is it just part of your journey to meet your true soul connection?

Let us join together and see.

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Skye & Luna

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‘Skye & Luna are incredible & pick up on everything so accurately. They always give me great advice & guidance. Amazing as always! Thank you x’

Madam Destiny – Queen of Pentacles:

When the Queen of Pentacles graces your path, she calls upon you to embrace the virtues of patience, practicality, and diligence. Attend to the matters of the material world with care and foresight, and you shall reap the fruits of your labor in due time.  Let the Queen of Pentacles be your guide, leading you towards the riches and abundance that await those who walk the path of prosperity with steadfast resolve. But beware, for her abundance is not without its trials. Like the earth itself, she can be unyielding and demanding, requiring diligence and perseverance to reap her rewards. Lets see if there are obstacles on the path and my guidance will reveal on how to overcome them, so you can soon feel like you have the world back in the palms of your hands and feel in charge of your life.

Why’s he/she distant and cold? Is he/she cheating?

Ah, dearie me, gather round, my lovelies, for a tale of hearts tangled and questions unanswered.

Now, perchance you’ve found yourself pondering thus: “Why’s he/she distant and cold? Is he/she cheating?” Ah, such weighty queries weigh upon the heart like boulders upon a weary traveller’s shoulders.

Let us unfurl the cards, my dears, and peer into the swirling mists of fate.

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‘Great reading my first one with Madam Destiny will definitely come back again thank you x’

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