Psychic Readings 3rd Dec

Madam Mystery – One moment they were really into you and then the next moment they turned into Mr Snowman and as cold as ice! However, the fact that they backed off doesn’t mean they aren’t still into you! They are! But their stubbiness and ego is preventing them from reaching out to you! They see sharing feelings as a weakness and that’s the main reason they backed off! Don’t worry Eddie my dear, they will come back around and with their tail between their legs! 

Something or someone getting in the way of you and your love interest. Powerful spell to clear blockages + reading.

Spell will be cast tonight and reading and update sent within 24 hours. Please send first names if possible.

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‘Madam mystery is very intuitive and has always been spot on with my readings. She is fabulous reader’

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Tracylyn – Their honest feelings about you .

You wondering if someone has feelings for you 

The energy says this person definitely has feelings for you and is imagining a future with you. But I can sense this person blows hot and cold and confuses you. You want things to start changing and see a status between you and this person. I do believe there is meant to be a strong future you, but it looks stagnant. Everytime you feel a good energy coming from this person, that’s when you feel this person pulling away. 
If you feel connected to this reading and you feel this is your situation, please click on the link below for a full reading. 

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Love and blessings to you

Love Interests Innermost Thoughts about You!
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‘What a beautiful reading kind lady gave me all the guidance I needed much appreciated xxx’

Amie – I am seeing here that your money situation is improving. I am seeing that there may be a wedding coming up in which you will meet someone important. I am seeing that there is going to be a situation within your family which is going to improve. I am seeing a libra love interest may be significant

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‘Excellent as always would highly recommend this incredibly talented lady.’

Skye & Luna – Todays Crystal ball reading is very interesting. There is a river flowing in the woods and as it winds under trees it becomes dark and turbulent and there seems to be movement beneath the surface. As we look deeper into the ball there is a sense of foreboding and danger. It feels like the message is around being wary of those around you especially those who like to cause drama or who cannot bear to see others happy. If you get too close then it feels you may get hurt or affected by their energy or intent. If you know someone like this around you keep them at arms length as they are looking for someone to target and work on right now.


Is your person ready to commit to you?

This reading looks at whether they have the intention to finally make it a long term commitment.

If there is nobody around you yet is there a committed relationship on the way?

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Love Interest’s Innermost Thoughts about You 😉
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Skye & Luna

‘First reading with Skye and Luna oh wow it made me cry the depth they told me things which I never said got it thank you both so much will come back again x’

Masked Reader – There are blue flowers dotted around the crystal ball and although I cannot see the sun there’s brightness like sunshine.  I feel peace here and serenity.  There is a sense of just feeling right and balance entering your life. This doesn’t sound like an earth shattering vision but in fact I love the energy this is bringing in today as I feel peace of mind is so underrated and as you ease into this energy it will just bring such a positive sense of wellbeing it will transform your life.

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Special offer one question in depth any subject and I will get this to you within a two-hour period (waking hours).

Take advantage of my weekend focussing on readings to get answers fast.

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Love Interest’s Innermost Thoughts 😉 
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Love & Light

‘Wow! The most detailed reading I’ve ever had!! Wow wow wow!! Amazing! You need a reading.. this is YOUR GUY!! Thanks again!!❤❤’

Mysti – Your Free Audio Reading is on the link below!

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Each Month In Depth

What does the next 6 months hold for you? Will things finally shift and change? See what the challenges are to overcome or what do you have to look forward to. What choices may you have to make? Will love, career and finances improve? Let me have a detailed look at what is coming in for you.

This is a very long and detailed month-by-month report using both tarot and angel cards, and takes a lot of energy and time to prepare so this is why I only have time for two more.

You can have this either in audio or written form so please let me know what you would prefer.

All I require is your email address/WhatsApp number to send this to when completed.

Look forward to seeing how the next 6 months go for you 🙂

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Love Interest’s Innermost Thoughts about You
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Love Mysti x

‘Got more than I expected ,having a positive read of the energies about my love life, thanks Mysti!’

Jane – In your love reading today I have drawn an amazing card as you have the super romantic knight of cups. This card is all about the hearts and flowers and someone stepping forward with romantic intentions for you. Beautiful energy.

Weekend LOVE special!

Do you have a love question? This weekend I am offering a 6 card reading to take a look at you question/s around love (up to 3 questions). You can choose either audio of written for your reading and I will aim to have it back to you within 24 hours

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Jane x

“A lovely lady had another lovely reading from Jane thank you very much and spot on”

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