Psychic Readings 4th Dec

Madam Mystery – Your card is the temperance reversed that shows an imbalance around a situation. I sense someone has been taking you for granted and the more you give the more they seem to take. The feeling here is that you have been putting in so much more than what you have gotten back and now there is a need to readdress the balance. 

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‘Absolutely fabulous reader. This lady has helped me so much always accurate and after a reading with her I always feel so much better.’

Amie – I am seeing a new offer coming for you by the end of January and there will be a decision that needs to be made around this. I am seeing that within the next five weeks someone from your past who has been a stranger for a while will try and return. I am also seeing you are going through a spiritual rebirth and you need to start speaking your truth. Blue is a good colour for you.

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‘Excellent as always would highly recommend this incredibly talented lady.’

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Each Month In Depth

What does the next 6 months hold for you? Will things finally shift and change? See what the challenges are to overcome or what do you have to look forward to. What choices may you have to make? Will love, career and finances improve? Let me have a detailed look at what is coming in for you.

This is a very long and detailed month-by-month report using both tarot and angel cards, and takes a lot of energy and time to prepare so this is why I only have time for two more.

You can have this either in audio or written form so please let me know what you would prefer.

All I require is your email address/WhatsApp number to send this to when completed.

Look forward to seeing how the next 6 months go for you 🙂

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Love Mysti x

‘Got more than I expected ,having a positive read of the energies about my love life, thanks Mysti!’

Masked Reader – The Star is a card that comes in strongly for you today and it shows wish fulfilment.  Those corny sayings like reach for the stars all come into play here today as the timing seems perfect right now to chase those dreams you have and manifest what you want.  Write down your biggest wish for the future in one sentence or a few words and keep it under your pillow or next to your bed and before you sleep each night imagine it coming true and feel that sense of happiness. Bring your dreams to life.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Shame that’s not true as we could sniff out who is a liar and who is being honest with us.

Give me their name and I will see what I pick up on them.

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Love & Light

‘Wow! The most detailed reading I’ve ever had!! Wow wow wow!! Amazing! You need a reading.. this is YOUR GUY!! Thanks again!!❤❤;

Jane – I have drawn a card for you today from the quirky Dreamweaver’s Oracle. The card you have is weavers watch the Dragons fly. This is a card that asks you to stand back and observe for a while this is not the time to take action, just be the watcher for now.

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Jane x

“A lovely lady had another lovely reading from Jane thank you very much and spot on”

Skye &B Luna – Todays card is the lovers and oracle is passion which is a double sign that romance could be hotting up for you very soon. The lovers shows a deep connection and the passion card here is showing me that you will feel the sexual connection very strongly. There is a sense of some kind of tension building and the chemistry being so strong that when you finally come together this will be truly mind blowing for everyone. They cannot hold back much longer their desire is growing. Look forward to some intense and exciting times ahead.


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If there is nobody around you yet is there a committed relationship on the way?

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Skye & Luna

‘First reading with Skye and Luna oh wow it made me cry the depth they told me things which I never said got it thank you both so much will come back again x’

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